Why should you Visit Langkawi Island in Malaysia?

Visit Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 104 islands on Malaysia’s West Coast. Surrounded by rich coconut trees and a pellucid sea, the island attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are a nature-lover, you will find the island particularly soothing. As for the adrenaline seekers, they will find themselves girdled with rain-forests, mountains and exciting adventures.

Langkawi is particularly famous for its picturesque beaches and diving opportunities, both of which give tourists an experience of their lifetime. From the cave entrance at Pirate Lagoon to the spectacular sunset at Pantai Tengah, the whole package is what makes the tourists keep coming back for more of this perfect holiday destination.

The Island Experiences

Langkawi Island is not just known for its serenity and beauty; the entertaining nightlife, the rich culture and the duty-free shopping are what makes this oasis of seas pristine. Anyone who has previously visited Langkawi can vouch for the fact that there is never a moment of dullness. The islands have a lot of different attractions for its tourists to keep the adrenaline pumping.

The Langkawi Cable Car promises its travelers fifteen minutes of pure bliss when they are taken to the top of mount Mat Cincang, 708 meters high. With breathtaking views of lush rain-forests, numerous islands, sparkling clear waters and a drop in the temperature, the cable ride will surely send exciting chills down your spine.

Langkawi also caters Malaysia’s largest aquarium with more than 500 species of animals and sea creatures. The 15-meter, underwater, walk-through tunnel is the highlight of the Langkawi Underwater World, grasping the astonishment of thousands of tourists every year.

The Langkawi Island Hopping takes you on a journey of four different islands to explore the lavish beauty of nature. It’s an efficient and inexpensive way to sight-see and soaks in the beauty of the water-hole. Tourists can visit the Beras Basah Island, which has a beautiful beach with outstretched views of the sea and can take a swim in the lake to relax.

One of the most exciting things about visiting Langkawi is the opportunity of doing water-based activities such as snorkeling and diving. If you are thinking of “taking the plunge”, the peninsular coast is the ultimate spot to go scuba diving with masses of different species of fish and other sea creatures. As soon as you descend into the sea, you will enter into an entirely different world. It’s an exhilarating experience that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

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Hotels & Resorts

With paddy fields of unending stretches of transcendent white sand, Langkawi’s shores provide the most scenic views,which are also the reason for most of its hotels’ and the resort’s location. Breathtaking views, quality guest rooms and the sound of waves surging onto the magnificent beaches make you love your stay in one of the island’s hotels even more.

The resorts are predominantly famous for their coastal and marine activities such as scuba-diving, snorkeling and ferry rides. The best part of the island is that the tourists are always close to the shore and all the endeavors are just a few steps away.

The beauty of Langkawi Island plus the economical price of hotels & resorts makes it a perfect spot for honeymoon & weekend gateway trips.

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If you are looking to make your holiday an unforgettable experience for you and your family, Langkawi is the place to be. The rich culture and scenic beauty combined with the latest technology will blow all your worries away and send you back home as fresh as a daisy!

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