How to Get to Langkawi Island – Finding Out the Easiest Method

Getting to Langkawi Island in Malaysia

There are several options on how to get to Langkawi Island. It is because Langkawi has a different nature in geography. It seems to be an island which is totally isolated and connected with surrounding areas at the same time. All the ways are easy to reach Langkawi but the choice totally depends on your convenience.

Getting to Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Here are 5 different ways about how to get to Langkawi Island and we have discussed them below.

1. By Air – The Convenient Style

Going to Langkawi by air is the most convenient way and it is highly recommended if you have a lot of luggage or you are with young kids. Langkawi is directly connected to Australia, China and Japan and some closest cities like Phuket, Singapore and Seoul etc. You can also reach here via flights from Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The cheapest services of all flights to Langkawi are provided by AirAsia, FireFly & other budget airlines. Malaysia Airline and Silk Airline can also be used.

Going to Langkawi Island by air is probably the best option as how to get to Langkawi.

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2. By Ferry – The Fun Style

Ferry is the most favorite ride of the tourists to get to Langkawi. There are several reasons to get the ferry. You will enjoy the Sea breezes and streams along with low charges. Ferries take a little time more than the airplanes but the fun makes the time worthy. Two government-owned ferries and tens of private ferries operate from Penang, Kuala Kedah and ferry from Kuala Perlis to reach Langkawi.

If you are visiting Penang and planning to visit Langakwi Island then ferry is probably your best option as how to get to Langkawi. You can also book your ferry ticket online & get an instant confirmation of your trip.

3. By Cruise – What Else Than Adventure?

Cruises are always the ideal most to reach any island. The reason is the adventure part! Queen Mary 2 of Cunard comes from Dubai and London occasionally. Sea Princess of Princess Cruises comes from Sydney and Dawn Princess of Princess Cruises comes from Perth. If you are coming from Singapore then you will have several options like Costa Victoria of Costa, Azamara Journey of Azamara Club Cruises and Legend of the Seas from Royal Caribbean etc.

Star Cruises of Malaysia regularly come to Langkawi. These cruises have quite number of facilities available and they do offer safe journeys.

4. By Road

Some people have height phobia. Some people have sea sickness. Some people simply enjoy road transportation’s. Getting to Langkawi is a pretty complex question. As a matter of fact, there is no road that directly connects to this lovely island. But the easiest way to avoid flight is to go to Kuala Perlis and get on a ferry. From here, you will be transported to Langkawi within an hour. Don’t worry. There are many people sleeping in the ferry and no one would notice if you too fall asleep.

If you are on a road trip to Malaysia then probably this will be your best choice as how to get to Langkawi.

5. By Train

This isolated island is not connected to any city or station via railway. Trains are generally not suggested to tourists as you would not want to run from railway station to bus station and then ferry station. The train connecting Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi comes from Singapore. If you want to explore the cultures and you also have sufficient time, then get on the train. You can get off on Alor Setar and take a bus or ferry to reach Kuala Kedah. You can also get off at Arau and take bus, taxi or ferry to Kuala Perlis. You can also book your train ticket online.

For adventure seekers and for those who wants to utilize all the transportation methods available, this is probably the best option as how to get to Langkawi.

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