Kuah Town Langkawi – Popular Tourist Destination in Langkawi

Kuah Town Langkawi Island Malaysia

It is the tourists who help develop a town or a city. Tourists like you have brought out a totally different Kuah town from what it used to be. It has now become a town rich in history, culture, shopping, sports and everything that visitors want. This is why, now thousands of tourists come to Kuah town Langkawi every year. Another important reason is the approach. No matter from where you come, your first arrival destiny would be this beautiful town in Langkawi.

What Should You Visit in Kuah Town?

While absorbing the cool sea breezes, you can also explore some of the best locations of Malaysia. Here we suggest some ideal ones.

1. Taman Lagenda

This recreational park is home to Langkawis most spoken tales, myths, fables and heritage stories. Situated at an area of 50 acres, Taman Lagenda has 17 sculptures placed in beautiful blossoms of colorful flowers and blooming bushes. While walking on the neat walking trails, you will also see 4 artificial lakes. A man made beach is also there to rejoice the beauty of nature.

2. Dataran Lang

Move next to Dataran Lang which is also known as the identity of Langkawi. Here you shall see the giant 12 meter Eagle which truly represents the literal meaning of Langkawi. This admirable eagle has settled its eyes directly upon the sea. Dataran Lang is also known as Eagle Square.

3. CHOGM Park

If you want to enjoy a nice walk with your partner or relax in the garden then move to CHOGM Park. There is nothing much to see except the flags of nations who participated in Commonwealth Meeting of 1898, which happened in Malaysia. But you will surely get some very relaxing moments here.

4. Al-Hana Mosque

It is said that if you want to see the true Islamic art then you should go to Turkey. But when in Langkawi, you should visit al-Hana Mosque to notice the beauty of Islamic artwork. With its golden tomb, it also has beautiful green gardens on the external location. You will also see the very beautiful Islamic calligraphy on the walls.

5. Gunung Raya

It is said that a giant used to live in Langkawi. He cursed a mountain; Gunung Raya which then received a droplet of Langkawi’s tropical weather. Now people go to the mountain for rocky adventures like mountain hiking and climbing etc. Generally, the government imposes tourist restrictions here for security purposes against physical injuries so you will need to call a giant, sorry, a guide!

6. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

It would be injustice to you and to the waterfalls if they are not mentioned here. Telaga Tujuh waterfalls are considered among Asia’s most beautiful natural waterfalls. See the 7 waterfalls falling in 7 small pools, take your boat under them and enjoy a refreshing bath between lush green mountains.

Shopping In Kuah Town

Kuah town is a place where not only the women (who are often declared as shopping ghosts) but also the men can’t resist buying their favorite things. It is because Langkawi is duty-free. Yes! You read it right.

1. Jetty Point Mall

Jetty Point Mall is known for last minute shopping. If you want something urgent and you don’t have much time to spend in the mall then rush to the Jetty Point and you will definitely get your required thing. Don’t forget to eat special Malaysian sweets from the bakeries and a cup of coffee from the cafes.

2. Saga Shopping Center

It does not matter what you really want. You are going to forget the outer world once you enter the Saga Shopping Center. It has everything for your night parties (except girls). It is also considered ideal for household parties.

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3. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

With more than 100 shops, you will find here everything. If you are fashion conscious, then you must not miss a visit to Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall. For sports activities in Langkawi, try this mall. But don’t forget to spare sometime for eating as the foods served here are very delicious. Apart from the international fast food outlets here, you will also find Malaysian local fast food outlets with special Malaysian flavors.

4. Teow Soon Haut

For souvenirs and electronics, Teow Soon Haut is a perfect place to go. But don’t worry. It has electronics and other household materials as well. There are around 40 shops in the mall. You can also try some tropical juices from any of the 8 cafes and restaurants.

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Eating in Kuah Town

Visiting a tropical destination and not trying their foods? What a misfortune it would be! But we are sure that you wouldn’t miss any such opportunity. Langkawi has some very special flavors in sea foods. These mouth-watering foods are served with tropical drinks and the combinations are never forgotten.

1. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

For international fast foods, you should visit this mall. It is a home to several outstanding fast food brand outlets but for tropical drinks, you will have to search another café. Don’t worry! You will find it somewhere very close inside the mall.

2. Aquarium Seafood Garden

Soft crabs, mussels, prawns, lobsters, fish, what do you want? At Aquarium Seafood Garden, you will enjoy these foods in open air with soft music in the background. The prices are also very reasonable.

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3. Arabica Restaurant

Although, Langkawi restaurants have expertise in Chinese dishes but they haven’t left Arabic flavors aside. Visit the Arabica Restaurant and adore the refreshing Arabic and Moroccan flavors.

4. Eagle view Sea food

This air-conditioned restaurant has amazing range in Chinese cuisines. If you are visiting the Eagle Square, then don’t forget to visit this restaurant.

5. Restoran Kak Yah Kondo

For pure Malaysian spicy foods, visit Restoran Kak Yah Kondo. Roti arab, Roti kanai and other Malay dishes are worth trying. The prices are also on budget.

6. Restoran Pak Haji Ya Nasi Ayam

This restaurant has a wide range of grilled chicken recipes with pure South Asian flavors. The prices are very low.

7. The Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Although it is a bit expensive but the food is worth it. This restaurant has an extensive menu for vegetarians.

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Please feel free to suggest any interesting activity in Kuah town Langkawi by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: Steve Calcott

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