Langkawi Diving Guide – Things you Should Know Before Diving


You might have been through various Langkawi diving guides which are written after research. But have you read an original guide based after complete collection of original reviews? The benefit after reading this guide is that you will have an authentic idea of planning or not planning a diving tour to Langkawi. So here we go!

Get to Langkawi’s Best Diving Sites

The best thing about Langkawi diving sites is that all these are located closely to each other. But you will have to travel to the Southern region of Langkawi for diving because other regions do not contain considerable diving sites.

By traveling for around 1 hour towards Pulau Payar Marine Park, you will reach the diving destinations. Most often, the tour companies and operators arrange the diving experiences in Langkawi. Here, you will have to get to some boat tour operator at Kuah Town. They will give you different diving packages which might contain other water sports as well. Mostly, 2 dives per package are given. You can get more if you find yourself enthusiastic enough.

Diving is mostly open in daytime in Langkawi and undoubtedly, it is safe also. But if you want to explore the Langkawi waters at night, then you can ask for special night arrangements as well.

Why Choose Langkawi for Diving?

The waters of Langkawi are ideal for initial divers. The slimy water helps you restore your balance in the water and you can keep yourself close to the surface. You can also get lessons from the diving and boating guides nearby. The guide might be provided you with the package.

When Should You Go?

Langkawi weather is generally not very tough. But its tropical climate is really unpredictable. In second quarter of the year, you will face unpredictable rainfalls and slight storms in the sea. In third quarter, the rainfalls are heavy but by the end of December, rainfalls get lighter. But the first quarter of the year i.e. January, February, March and April, the weather is pretty favorable for water activities.

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Things to Know

It is a fact that Langkawi diving sites might not be compared with the planet’s top 5 diving destinations but trust the word! Langkawi gives you every facility, astounding diving location, and fresh and clean water at really affordable rate. It does not let you feel bankrupt. So these bad facts are not that bad for they are saving your wallet also.

  1. Langkawi water is limy and you might not be able to see more than 25 meters underwater.
  2. The limestone and mineral deposition makes the water less clear. Langkawi is also connected directly to world’s busiest shipping ports.

Do ‘This’ Before Getting Into The Water

  1. Watch the people diving to estimate your time and diving style.
  2. Get a dive watch, breather and a snorkel mask with you. Mostly, breather and snorkel mask are provided by your diving operator.
  3. Buy a disposable underwater camera for pictures, pictures and pictures.
  4. Check the oxygen level in your oxygen tank. If you have bought more than 2 dives, then ask your operator to guide you for oxygen security.

Diving in Langkawi is certainly among best things to do in Langkawi. If you like to dive then you might be interested in our guide about best places for snorkeling in Langkawi.

Do you want to recommend a diving site in Langkawi? If you do then please add your insights & tips by adding comments below. If you’re exploring other islands in Malaysia and want to know the diving sites, we have listed below some of the recommended diving guides:

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