Penang to Langkawi Travel Tips – Ideas From Locals

From Penang to Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island is easily reachable via speedboat from Penang & most of the tourists opt to visit Langkawi from Penang Island as well. The whole trip is full of adventure and below we will discuss in details, how you can travel to Langkawi Island from Penang.

Penang to Langkawi Travel Tips

Rides used for Penang to Langkawi travel include a number of options and you can really turn this travelling time into a real fun time. But every ride might not be suitable for everyone. So here are some tips from locals to let you make a correct decision.

Ferry Ride

Ferry is the most popular source of traveling from Penang to Langkawi. This more than 2 hours long journey is really memorable as you would see water splashing from the borders while drinking or eating from the ferry canteen or bar. You can board on any one of the two ferries of Langkawi Ferry Service in Penang and reach Langkawi in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

A ferry ticket can be bought for RM 80 online as well. Mostly people (especially those coming from outside Malaysia) choose ferry ride as it is the most convenient & fast option available to travel from Penang to Langkawi. Some locals suggested these tips for you.

1- Ferries have two seating areas; air-conditioned and a VIP area. Make sure that you select the right area for you but remember that tickets for VIP area are costly.
2- If you have sea-sickness or you are with kids or babies, then please don’t choose ferry ride for travelling.
3- Private ferry companies have canteens so try to get some fresh juice or carbonated drink from the canteen. This will keep your mind fresh and active. If you are travelling on government owned ferries, then get some snacks with you as these don’t have canteens. Also, don’t eat heavy breakfast.
4- Taking a book or a magazine with you is a good idea as lots of water in the sea won’t offer you much beauty.
5- Take some toilet papers. The bathrooms might not meet your hygienic standards.

You can also book your ferry ticket online from Penang to Langkawi & receive an instant confirmation of your trip.

By Air

If you don’t want to ride for longer hours and reach Langkawi as soon as possible, then get on a flight. More then 45 flights of 4 airlines connect Penang to Langkawi Island weekly.

1- If you want to travel by air, then take Malaysian local airlines because the rates are far cheaper than other airlines.
2- Get a taxi when you leave the Langkawi Airport as the airport is located at a far distance from the island.
3- The luggage restrictions are strict so get some information from airport beforehand.
4- Airport shops are very expensive. You better buy stuff from outside the airport.

By Train

If you really want to look out at the trees, sky, people and roads etc, then you should get the train. Otherwise, train is the last option you should pick. It is because you will have to get a bus or taxi to reach the station and then a bus or taxi to reach the terminal. Getting there via train is just hasty, tiring and exhaustive.

Our Quick Conclusion

If you want to save your time for island adventures, then planes are the best options. Ferries are the priority if you want to spend time with locals and foreigner friends and watch the sea. Trains are a big NO-NO for tourists.

Please share your Penang to Langkawi trip experience below by adding the comments below. To learn more about Penang, you can visit Penang Travel Tips blog.

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