Sunset Langkawi – Best Places to Watch a Perfect Sunset in Langkawi


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Langkawi, the ever discussed best tourist spot, has numerous mesmerizing attractions for tourists, that allure the tourists to return back to this place again and again. The serene beauty, the exciting attractions and the comfortable resorts and spa, add more value to your entire trip. Apart from each and everything, sunset in Langkawi is also way beautiful the whole year. The nature & serene beauty of the island also makes it one of the best things to do in Langkawi.

In Langkawi the sun sets at approximately 7.30 pm. Hence, the best time to take a walk before the sunset is approximately 6:45 or 7:00 pm. The walk before the sunset is extremely fascinating and will make a walk to remember your entire life.

Best Places to See Sunset in Langkawi

There are a number of places from where you can see the sunset in Langkawi, but we have handpicked some of the most ideal locations, where you can walk as well before the sunset and then enjoy when the sun says goodbye. Read on to know about them:

Pantai Kok

If you are traveling through car, simply park it at the petrol station or immigration office and reach the Tapaz restaurant. Those willing to go further can pass Tapaz and reach the lighthouse by following the road from Tapaz. Also, you can opt to start your journey from the lighthouse and walk through Pantai Kok, which is extremely beautiful at the time of sunset. It is really a romantic place and ideal for couples, offering the best view of the marina and the sunset Langkawi.

Boardwalk at Awana Porto Malao

Though the walk around is too short, but yet Awana Porto Malai offers the most attractive view of sunset in Langkawi. You can park your car in the parking lot, just before the resort and then reach the boardwalk.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

The Langkawi beaches are also a perfect spot to catch a sunset & Tanjung Rhu Beach is an ideal place for couples, as it develops a very romantic view and ambiance at the sundown. You shall find two beaches here that are suitable for evening walks and to enjoy the sunset, i.e. the one that is through the Tanjung Rhu resort and the other is near to the traffic circle. Both beaches offer a very breathtaking sunset view in Langkawi.

Also, you can walk on the casuarina-lined road side, which is outside the Four Seasons Langkawi and Tanjung Rhu resort. You should go for a view where there are mangroves on the river too.

Pantai Cenang

A very calm, romantic walk cannot be expected at Pantai Cenang during the Langkawi sunset, as this place is really very crowded, especially with the volleyball players. Yet there is something good about the ambiance at the time of sunset here. You can park your car next to Casa del Mar and take right. Take a stroll along the beach near to the Pelangi resort till you reach the end, then sit down and watch the Langkawi sunset. You shall experience great beauty at this time.

Pantai Tengah

There are nice shady casuarinas lined up along the Tengah beach between T-junction and Holiday Villa. Take a left from the T-junction; you shall get to the public entrance to the beach. You can walk here and watch the beautiful sunset easily.

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Lebuk Sembilang

Lebuk Sembilang is a park having a pretty cascading stream, running within. It is found at Padang Gaong and is a preferred picnic spot by locals. Along the stream there is a walking trail, you can walk through it and wait for the sunset. You can also opt for another trail, which is through the abandoned Book Village. Follow the path through the empty houses, which will take you to the breath taking rainforest trees and you will be surrounded by hornbills and the shy dusky-leaf monkeys, just before the sunset. However, this park is highly recommended for a walk to remember at the time of sunset in Langkawi.

So, when you are here and busy in exploring the serene beauty and exciting Langkawi attractions, don’t forget to miss out the beautiful sunsets of Langkawi. You shall for sure remember this time of the year, your whole life. All of the above places are considered ideal to have the best view of Lankgawi sunset. To recommend a place to watch a perfect sunset in Langkawi, please add comments below.

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