Eagle Square (Dataran Lang) – Langkawi Iconic Attraction

Eagle Square Langkawi Island Kedah Malaysia

The first thing that you will spot after entering Langkawi is Eagle Square (Dataran Lang in Malay). This 12 meter massive structure gives name to Langkawi. It is known as the identity of Langkawi. Eagle Square is renowned not only for eagle but for its surroundings as well. This culturally rich square is really worth visiting.

How Eagle Square gives name to Langkawi

Malaysian language has several words driven from its old version. In old version, the word Helang means Eagle. Kawi refers to the reddish brown color. Therefore this reddish brown eagle represents Langkawi and can be spotted in first sight on Langkawi. The famous Eagle Square is also one of the iconic tourist attractions in Langkawi.

Expect a lot more than Helang-Kawi

Apart from this well-maintained eagle, you will also spot beautiful fountains, small ponds and lakes, and a wide area for events and celebrations. At night, Eagle Square Langkawi is flooded with bright glowing lights. There are cafes and restaurants to dine out or enjoy a refreshing breakfast. The terraces and bridge offer you hundreds of chances to take the best photos of your life. You can also watch the ferries departing or plying if you are not in any of them.

The Best Time to Visit Eagle Square

Your visit to Eagle Square should depend on the sun timings. Visit this square when the sun rises or when it sets down. At sunrise, you can move around, watch the glowing eagle, see beautiful colors in fountains and enjoy breakfast after a few minutes. At sunset, all the area turns yellow and golden. Watch the gold color dripping from fountains and eagle. In a few minutes, all the lights will be turned on and you will enjoy a delicious dinner in flooding lights.

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Must-Visit nearby Attractions

eagle square

You can visit Taman Lagenda Dalam Langkawi which is a huge park with 17 sculptures representing famous folklores of Malaysia. CHOGM Park is another very close attraction. It is a must-visit if you are with kids.

If you are not in mood of walking a lot then you can visit the famous Jetty Point Shopping Mall. This duty-free shopping mall of Langkawi offers you some of the best deals of shopping. The prices are very reasonable. You can buy chocolates or alcohol and eat in its dining area.

Eagle View seafood Restaurant is often visited and really loved by tourists coming to Dataran Lang. It is at a short walking distance from the square and offers mouth-watering seafood range.

If it is your first day in Langkawi and you have not planned out your trip then you can go to the nearby Tourist Information Center and get brochures for your complete plan.

Important tips you must remember

If you are visiting Langkawi in summer like most of the visitors, then you must remember that weather turns out very hot at Dataran Lang by 12 noon. Make sure that you wear a sunscreen and drink lots of water.

One more thing, Eagle Square could be one of the meeting point as well if you are going with a group.


The Eagle Square is open 24 hours.

Admission Fee

It is a public place and free of entrance fee. For budget travelers and backpackers, it is must-visit free attractions in Langkawi Island.


Kauh Jetty, 07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Malaysia

Photo Credit: mynikfoto

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