Temurun Waterfall Langkawi – 30m High Tallest Waterfall in Langkawi

Temurun Waterfall Langkawi is an ideal place for some water fun

Waterfalls are beautiful like rainbows but the good thing about waterfalls is that you can also go and visit them. One of the main tourist attractions in Langkawi are the majestic waterfalls and Temurun Waterfall is one of them.

Temurun Waterfall Langkawi Highlights

Woods and rocks pave a special way for Temurun Waterfall in Langkawi. This waterfall is not only the tallest in Langkawi but they are also counted among the beautiful most waterfalls of the world. The stream of Temurun waterfall comes through the rocks of Mount Man Cincang. It is Langkawi’s highest peak and if you ride Langkawi Cable Car, then you can see these waterfalls from sky.

What Should You Expect on Your Trip to Waterfalls?

The way to Temurun waterfalls is beautiful enough to make your mood for a romantic stay under the waterfalls. After parking your car, you will walk for 5 to 7 minutes. The pathway is clean with flowery bushes on either side. This way is paved through Langkawi rainforest. Don’t forget to visit the waterfalls if you are only camping in the forest.

Walk Along Birds, Squirrels and Monkeys

Monkeys are very abundant in the area. But make sure that you don’t develop any type of contact with them. Don’t disturb them, cheer them or feed them. These are untrained monkeys and might get furious at times. But if you don’t contact them, they will stay harmless. You will also meet squirrels and birds while walking to the waterfalls.

Seating gazebos

There are several gazebos with wondrous seating arrangements. These are special arrangements made for the people who want to enjoy picnic here. It is recommended that you enjoy sports activities here but avoid eating anything because monkeys ill join your picnic.

The Reward Awaits At Uppermost Tier

Your final destiny would be the pool where the water falls. From here you can see the beautiful waterfall shower coming down through the rocky mountain covered with lush green trees and colorful flowers. You can see the beauty of waterfalls from distance or get down the waterfalls and cherish the splash of water. The pool is not very deep and non-swimmers can also bath under this waterfall.

Things to Remember

The pool is the last destiny. There is no natural or artificial trail to climb up the Temurun Waterfall. Make sure that you bring your camera because the scene here is heavenly. You will get thousands of photography chances but keep your camera at a safe place. Monkeys just love to steal cameras.

The waterfall turns dry when it is not the favorable season. From September to October, you can truly enjoy the beauty of these waterfalls as it is the heavy rain season. You can also visit in mild rainy seasons but summer is a big no-no to visit Temurun Waterfall Langkawi.

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Entry Fee

It is a natural habitat which is enjoyed free of cost but you are highly suggested to go with a local guide.


It depends on whenever you want to go throughout 24/7. The best time is to visit early morning.


In the north western Langkawi, Tamurun Waterfall is located in the Datai region. Here you will also get several other famous Langkawi attractions like The Pebble beach and 3-Tiga restaurant.

Tourists can have water fun while visiting Tamurun waterfall. It is one of the recommended activity & things to do in Langkawi. If you have visited the waterfall, please share your experience by adding comments below.

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