Island Hopping Langkawi – Discover More Than Just Hopping

Do you know that there are about 100 islands in Langkawi? It will not be possible for you to visit all of them, but there are few that you can explore. Read on island hopping Langkawi guide as it will give you an insight of this adventurous tour.

Island Hopping Langkawi Guide

Among all the Langkawi attractions, island hopping Langkawi is the most desired and the most successful one. The fun part is that it is very affordable, yet very less time consuming. So it is guaranteed that you will be getting unforgettable fun in just 3 to 4 hours. The tour is very popular and almost every tour operator company, hotels and resorts offer this service. You won’t find any difficulty in availability even in high season.

Know some basics about the tour you are going to get!

Island hopping tour comprises of tour to 3 islands basically. General sports activities include swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, paddle boating and tons of other activities. You can also watch the birds feeding their kids and friendly wild creatures moving here and there.

In high season, the tour is generally longer than the normal season but the overall time and stay depends on the demand of tourists. Two types of boats are used for moving. The larger ones accommodate around 20 people whereas the smaller ones accommodate 8 to 10 people. Most of the tours depart from Awana Porto Malai Jetty so if you’re main attraction is island hopping tour then plan your stay at Pantai Tengah.

Starting From Pulau Dayang Bunting

After 20 minutes from Pantai Tengah, you will reach this World UNESCO Heritage Geopark site. You will spend one hour maximum here. After 10 to 15 minute walk up the hills, you will go to the other side where Lake of Pregnant Woman is waiting for you. This beautiful lake has a thin rocky space which separates it from the sea. Here you will also enjoy a very refreshing natural catfish spa treatment.

During your 40 minute stay at the lake, you can also enjoy solar boat paddling by paying some extra charges.

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Pulao Singa Besar – The Middle Station

Once you come here, you will totally reject the idea of going back. The alive-prey-hunter; eagle will be seen feeding here. This natural show is captured in all cameras. With beautiful lush green mountains at the back, the golden brown eagles will catch fish from the blue waters. After the show, you will come out from the boat. The tour guide will throw chicken on the beach and all the eagles will hurry to eat them while sitting in your feet. What a beautiful scene it is!

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Pulau Beras Basah

Pulau Beras Basah is famous in island hopping Langkawi tour for water sport. Majority of the sports activities are performed here. Due to the white sand and very scenic water, you can capture hundreds of pictures here. Banana boating is another famous activity here. Bring your food and mat, and enjoy a great family picnic. Beware! The island is stuffed with monkeys.

From here, you will return to your first destination and then to hotel.

Some tips you must-must remember!

Here are some handy tips to remember for your island hopping Langkawi tour:

1. Take your sunscreen with you because sunburn is a common problem for tourists on this tour.
2. Take lots and lots of water with you.
3. Don’t book the tour from hotel as the charges would be higher.
4. Try to get full boat by going in groups of 8 or 20.

Island hoping in Langkawi is one the must-try experience in Langkawi. Please share your Island Hopping Langkawi tour with us by adding your experience below in comments.

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