Mangrove Tour Langkawi – All Love of Nature At One Place

Mangrove Tour Langkawi Jetty Station

You are always in the hunt of tours whenever you are visiting a new place. If you happen to be in Langkawi then do not miss Mangrove Tour Langkawi which will take you to an adventurous journey you will always remember.

Mangrove Tour Langkawi Highlights

Spending 4 to 5 hours in nature are sufficient to get back to work and perform with whole zeal and zest. Mangrove Tour Langkawi is a full package of absorbing the colors and love of nature. You will breathe the fresh air, feed the animals, bath under natural waterfalls, swim in crystal clear water, touch the schools of fish, hike in the forests, get yourselves lost in the caves and watch the nature’s most beautiful locations.

For nature lover, Mangrove tour is definitely one of the best things to do in Langkawi.

Are You Wondering About What You Would Do There?

Well, Mangrove Tour Langkawi is just another name of uniqueness. Here, you will meet the species which you have never even heard of, and see the places which are prettier than your dreams.

Do you want to know about how to start? Here we go! Firstly, you will book your tour and get informed about the departure site. Different packages will be offered to you. If you can afford then try to get the maximum number of hours as you would definitely not regret it. After departing from the site in a boat, you will be taken to different places which can be further understood as follows.

The Beautiful Mangrove Forest

One of the key highlights of Mangrove Tour Langkawi is Mangrove Forest. Meet the friendly animals and unknown species of reptiles in the Mangrove forest. This forest is a beautiful blend of ecosystem in which you meet the flora and fauna at once. The friendly monkeys will try to get around you and the cute squirrels will eat nuts while you explore the rest. A lot of reptilian species like lizards, pythons and crocodiles are also settled but you would be safe anyway!

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The Delight of Colorful Fish Farm

A local fish farm and fish village are waiting for you to feed them. The activities include feeding the general fish food to the pools of fish and feeding special food to the ray fish. In tanks, some sea creatures are also placed. In simple words, you will meet all the Langkawi marine species in its natural fish planetarium.

Gua Kelawar

Have you ever heard the laughter of bats very close to your ears? Have you ever looked into the eyes of bats hanging just next to you? We know it is scary, but isn’t it adventurous too? Gua Kelawar are bat caves where hundreds of bats are residing. You will find yourself in a 3D movie scene when bats will move around you, examining people who got into their home. If you are adventure seeker then do not miss this unique attraction of Mangrove Tour Langkawi Island.

Gua Cerita

Next to the horror come adventure and mystery. Gua Cerita are the caves of Legends. The mysterious limestone caves contain ancient inscriptions in Jawi language. The caves are considered to date back to the mid of 17th century. Put the mystery aside and you will find them to be really romantic.

Eagle watching and Feeding

Feeding the planet’s most egoistic specie is a worth-remembering experience. Your boat will stop at a special place from where you will be able to watch the eagles getting down to the water and catching their favorite fish. You will also see them coming close to the boat and picking up their favorite pieces of meat which you will serve them. Different types of eagles will meet you that day and the giant eagle sculpture at the Eagle Square will be in your mind too!

Mangrove Tour Langkawi is simply a worth-having tour. No matter how much one explains you, the experience itself is the only authority to let you feel the real essence of this tour.

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