Best Food in Langkawi – Langkawi Food You should not Miss

best food in langkawi

Langkawi is one of the famous tourist spots in Malaysia, offering exciting opportunities to tourists, to live their life at the fullest on their vacation. It is, therefore, renowned as an ultimate holiday destination in Malaysia, filled with thrilling and amazing man-made and natural attractions. The entire Langkawi Island also offers its guests delicious food of a diverse region like Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian and you just name it. So, all in all, life in Langkawi during your holidays is really happening.

When you are out on a vacation, then definitely you need to know prior to your visit that where you should eat and what you should eat. During the tour, it becomes a bit hassle to find out the best food in Langkawi and then find out the best place to eat it. Therefore, for your ease we have listed below some of the most scrumptious food on the island, if you missed them you will for surely regret it.

Try Out the Best Food in Langkawi

One of the activities of tourists in Langkawiis to try out one of the best island’s food. Read on to know about the top dishes that tastes great to the buds. The best food in Langkawi that you must not miss out:

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur can be found easily at the restaurants in Langkawi, as it is eaten regularly in large quantity often across Malaysia. Nasi means rice and Campur means mix in Malay. As the name implies, this scrumptious dish is truly a mixture of loads of other stuff. It is served with vegetable soup, chicken, tofu and a lot more items. At the Seashells Restaurant in Pantai Cendang, you shall experience the largest mix in this dish.


Laksa is served with a lot of diverse varieties, no matter whether you eat this dish in Langkawi, Malaysia or Singapore. It is the best food in Langkawi, served with thick and fresh noodle, which is completely hand-made. A boiled egg is placed on the top on the spicy and pungent broth. As per consumers, to have the best Laksa, one must have it opposite to the Langkawi airport.


Sate is not only found in the restaurants of Langkawi and Malaysia. But, people hardly visit the restaurants to eat sate, because this food is easily available all over the island. Apart from the restaurants, you can eat sate in local markets as well as on the special sate stalls. Everywhere they served with peanut sauce and pressed rice, in grilled chicken and beef on a stick.

Beef Rendang

Another best food in Langkawi considered is the Beef Rendang. Its ingredient includes a small portion of beef, which is marinated in the curry sauce for approximately 8 hours. The beef is not cooked until it is almost dry with no sauce is left in the bowl. It is necessary to make the meat more tenderized.


Coming to Langkawi and missing out its specialty? You will for sure regret as long as you don’t come here again. There are a number of seafood restaurants in Langkawi, serving scrumptious delicacies in a traditional as well as in their very own style. You should try butter prawns, salt and pepper squid and of course fish and chips that are served at the best seafood restaurants namely Teo Seafood Restaurant, Kapal Taya Restaurant and Scarborough Fish and Chips Restaurant.

Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar is a grilled fish, found easily on the Langkawi Island, especially on the street side or beach side restaurants. You shall find their big ads in the front of the restaurants. However, the smoke of the grill will take you with itself in the right direction. Usually a smaller fish is used; say for example mackerel in this dish. Whole fish is served with BBQ sauce and Sambal (special sauce).

Ice Kacang

When it’s about the preference in sweet dishes, then Ice Kacang wins the race. It is filled with fruit syrups and loads of crushed ice, accompanies with colorful jellies. The locals love to enjoy this dessert with peanuts, kidney beans and kernels of corn. The ideal place to have this dessert is found across the road of the Airport. Eat Laksa and Ice Kacang on the beach side, which will not cost more than $3 per person.

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So, hopefully the above mentioned dishes and food items are good enough to satisfy your taste buds and fulfill your hunger. Enjoy your stay in Langkawi and eat good and feel good. To recommend a Langkawi food, please free to add comments below.

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