Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi – The Open Kitchen Restaurant

Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi Island Malaysia

Located in Kuah, Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi is a popular place known for its Thai and Malaysian cuisines. You will not find a better Thai or Malay food, in a more comforting environment. The Wan Thai Restaurant is very popular among the tourists as well as the locals. With all kinds of Thai and Malay specialties, Wan Thai has both buffet and a La Carte to offer to its clienteles. Not only does it have a myriad of dishes to choose from, but the prices of the dishes in this world renowned restaurant are reasonably low. Moreover, there are special discounts for large bookings.

Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi

This Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi is a very decent place to be in. You will mostly find families that have occupied mostly 5 chairs on a table. This place is usually full. Even with so many people dining in, the tables and chairs are so strategically installed that there is still plenty of space for others and waiters to easily go around in the restaurant. Be it a huge group of 5 or a small group of 2, all are seated very comfortably and attended to the needs properly.

The waitress you’ll see serving and taking orders in the most pleasant mood and polite way, is the same who doubles up as a cashier. Since the place is crowded most of the times, their management skills have perfected. You will never be feel neglected.

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Just as you enter the restaurant you will notice a table ornamented with all the awards and certificates the restaurant have won in all this time. Above all, the concept of an open kitchen is really what makes this place so trustable and reliable food. The open kitchen is a deliberate idea of giving its patrons a view that there is no hanky panky done behind the closed doors of the kitchen. Moreover, when you see your food being prepared the feelings is indescribable.

Some Specialists on the Menu:

Tomyam (seafood): only for RM10, you get this dish with lots of prawns, offered with mildly sour soup.

Mixed Vegetables: Also known as Phal Phak Ruam, a great dish for vegetarians, only serves one person. You get a plate of it for RM8 only.

Chicken with Cashew nuts: also known as Gai Phad Muang, you order this for RM12, the cashews are tossed with delicious tasting chicken. This is a treat to the taste buds and very generous with nuts.

Other most ordered dishes are Stir-fried squid, omelet and Pandan leave chicken and steamed rice with grains.

Overall, Wan Thai Restaurant Langkawi is a great place to satiate your hunger. A must try eatery in Langkawi. The Wan Thai Restaurant is located in Langkawi Mall Dundung, Jalan Kelibang, 07000 Kuah. This restaurant opens daily from 11:00 am to 3:00pm and 6:30pm to 10:00pm.

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