10 must-try Langkawi Island Experiences for Tourists

Langkawi Island Experiences

The amazing mix of nature and technology makes everything in Langkawi worth visiting. The list is long and there is not a single place you should miss in Langkawi. But here we have made a top 10 must-try Langkawi island experiences on priority basis.

Langkawi Island Experiences

Langkawi Island offer unique experiences to the tourists of every age. Here is the list of best 10 Langkawi island experiences.

1- Get Started on 4000 Steps

A panoramic view of the place is the first priority of every one. This is why; the authorities install rides and attractions like cable cars and bridges etc. In Langkawi, you can get on the Langkawi Cable Car Ride or Langkawi Sky Bridge and view the skies of Langkawi. But a better and energetic way is to get on the Gunung Raya Mountain. You will save money as well as enjoy exercise in fresh air by skipping the 4000 steps of mountain.

2- Langkawi Cable Car Ride

Langkawi has a Sky Bridge which is known as the world’s longest suspension bridge. But if you want to spare time then get on Langkawi Cable Car ride. It is very affordable and takes you through all the important destinations of Langkawi. The cable car also goes through the Langkawi suspension bridge. Avoid eating heavy foods before your trip on the cable car.

3- Visit Telaga Tujuh

Telaga Tujuh is the most famous waterfall of Langkawi. It has some sister waterfalls as well including Air Terjun Durian Perangu and Air Terjun Temurun. These beautiful waterfalls will mesmerize you with their lovely fall into different natural pools. You can spend a whole day at this free attraction of Langkawi. It is better to take a guide with you as the waterfalls are located near dense forest. Beware of monkeys.

4- Meet The Gems in South Asia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Langkawi is a home to astounding archipelago which was designated as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 2007. It was named as UNESCO’s World Geopark. It is the first and only geopark of its kind in Asia. Here you will meet the gems of Langkawi, the natural caves. These are formed by Earth activity. In the mangrove and rain forests, you will meet the cute species of animals and birds.

Langkawi Ferry Ride

5- Splash Water on Langkawi Ferry Ride

It is almost impossible that you meet a person who has visited Langkawi but didn’t get on its Ferry ride. Local authorities and companies operate the ferry services in Langkawi. These ferries take you from one island to the other. Some are equipped with music and restaurants as well.

Island Hoping in Langkawi

6- Island Hoping in Langkawi

If you want unforgettable time in Langkawi then don’t miss to get a package of Island hopping in Langkawi. If you get a private yacht to visit all islands of Langkawi then you will do something really wrong with your wallet. A better way is to get a nice package from any local company. Island hoping comprises of tour to four islands and lots of activities on each island.

Say Cheese to Langkawi’s Identity

7- Say Cheese to Langkawi’s Identity

Eagle Square is renowned not for its shops and attractions but for its possession as Langkawi’s identity. Here you will meet the huge brown and golden eagle which represents Langkawi’s name. It is also the most photographed spot in Langkawi. Of course, who would not want to stand in front of a 12 meter tall eagle?

Diving and Snorkeling Delight

8- Have Some Diving and Snorkeling Delight

The peninsular coast of Langkawi is an ideal spot to dive in the crystal clear water and meet the schools of fish. Diving and snorkeling packages are also provided by the local companies. You will also meet the baby sharks if you are lucky enough. Make sure that you are fully equipped with safety devices as Langkawi’s tropical weather is a hotspot for sunburn and sun tan.

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Eating Langkawi Trademarks

9- Eating Langkawi Trademarks

Langkawi restaurants are special because of their truthfulness in flavors. You can try real Malaysian, Thai, Chinese and South Asian foods here. The restaurants also offer pleasant environment which makes eating even more favorable. Don’t forget to try the restaurants located on the beach. There are local eating streets as well where you can try foods from the stalls. The drinks are also special but tourists mostly prefer drinking beer and wine on this duty free island.

10- Learn Malaysian Rice Farming

10- Learn Malaysian Rice Farming

If you are with kids or friends, then do not miss the Open Air Rice Garden and Museum (Laman Padi). Rice farming and cultivating is one of the most difficult type of agriculture. Malaysian ways differ from rest of the world because of its uniqueness in weather and land. Here you will not only learn rice farming but you will also be able to experience it on your own. You can also learn a lot about advancement in rice cultivation technology in Malaysia.

I hope you find the list of 10 Langkai island experiences useful. If you want to suggest an experience to the list then please do so by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: Andrew Lawson

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