Best 10 things to do in Langkawi based on your Preference

Things to do in Langkawi

Are you preparing your list of 10 things to do in Langkawi and you are stuck in directionless ocean of tips and ideas everywhere? Don’t worry! Here, we have picked top 10 must-of-the-must things to do in this beautiful island of Langkawi, where people still believe that someday they will meet fairies who come at night!

Best things to do in Langkawi

There are many activities & things a tourist can do in Langkawi Island. Here is a comprehensive list of best 10 things to do in Langkawi.

1- Water Fun in Langkawi Waterfalls

Langkawi has some of the most beautiful waterfalls on this planet. None of them has been touched for artificial carving. These include;

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls – a collection of 7 waterfalls falling down from 7 places of Mount Mac Cincang into 7 pools)
Air Terjun Temurun – a 30 meter tall waterfall dropping from the mountain in Mat Cincang Nature Park and offering a very calm and peaceful environment to rest

Durian Perangin Falls – surrounded by thick forest, these crystal clear waterfalls fall from the rocky slopes of Mount Raya

Meeting The Skies

2- Meeting The Skies

Among all the Langkawi things to do, meeting the skies is the most exciting one. You can reach the place where the horizons of Langkawi land and Langkawi sky meet. 2 main attractions for meeting the Langkawi skies are developed.

Langkawi Cable Car Ride offers you a 20 minute journey into the skies of Langkawi and reaching the second highest destination in Langkawi.

Langkawi Sky Bridge is the longest suspension bridge which takes you truly into the sky. You can stay at stations, take pictures or touch the clouds passing by.

Enjoy Duty Free Shopping

3- Enjoy Duty Free Shopping

Every woman would definitely stop at this point. Women know that trip to any place is incomplete without shopping. What’s the point of returning home with nothing new in the bags? The good news is that you can enjoy duty free shopping in Langkawi.

Jetty Point Duty Free Complex is the ideal most destination to shop in Langkawi. The complex has almost everything inside. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall contains more than 100 shops of souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, necessary utensils and an amazing food court.

If you want to buy crystal goods, clothes, ceramics and household items at very affordable rates, then you should visit Saga Shopping Center. For buying shoes, visit al-Ikhsan. The store has an amazing collection of all types of footwear which you can also select for your sport activities in Langkawi.

At Cote De Parfume, you can buy branded perfumes at duty free rates. Do you want to enjoy a nice evening with yummy wine? Then try 16 Degree Wine Shop and select one of the most amazing wines. Zeno duty Free Shopping Center is another duty free shopping center with almost all types of shopping objects inside.

The Spa Shop offers all the supplements of spa treatments in Langkawi. Coco Valley offers some of the most delicious chocolate products in Langkawi. Temoyong Night Market is a street bazaar where you will be astonished to find everything – just everything!

Marine Life

4- Getting in Touch With Marine Life

The watery Langkawi has educational and entertaining places where you will get in touch with the Marine species and educate your kids about them.

Pulau Payar Marine Park Langkawi is at the first position on the top 10 things to do in Langkawi list. You will meet the unknown and most unique underwater species.

Underwater World Langkawi offers 100 tanks with more than 5000 marine species and a 3D theater.

Participating in Sports

5- Participating in Sports

Apart from water sports, many other types of sport activities occur in Langkawi.

Visit the Ampang Superbowl outlet situated at Jetty Point Shopping Complex and enjoy bowling in Asia’s largest bowling chain’s outlet.

Mutiara Burau Bay Equestrian was opened in 2004. Here, you will ride the horses in open fields. Some of the world’s most beautiful horse species are available here.

Visit Pulau Payar Marine Park and enjoy snorkeling in the deep and clear waters. You can also take diving classes here.

Langkawi has several golf fields which you should never miss if you believe yourself to be skilled enough. If you love sailing then visit Royal Langkawi Yacht Club or Rebak Marina to enjoy exclusive packages on your passion.

Fast Track Speedzone offers you to take 10 to 15 laps of 1000 meters on any of your favorite ride.


6- Langkawi Beaches

Golden and white sands of Langkawi beaches make them unavoidable to relax, dive into, sunbathe or dine at. All of the Langkawi beaches offer similar type of blue water and white sand. The shores are surrounded by benches under coconut trees.

Pantai Cenang: Among all the Malaysia’s west coast beaches, this one is the most developed one. The beach has lots of resting beach beds under palm trees.

Pantai Kok: This beach is generally not visited by tourists as it has several nearby attractions. Therefore; if you want to visit a calm and peaceful beach, then Pantai Kok beach is ideal.

Pantai Tengah: With lots of resorts around, this beach is known for water sports and water activities. Young couples are popularly found here.

Tanjung Rhu: If you want a totally Western beach in Malaysia, then Tanjung Rhu is the ideal place to visit. It has beautiful green grass covered by shadowy Casuarina trees. Just next to the grass is a band of white sand and then the deep blue water starts. Due to the abundance of big and shadowy Casuarina trees, it is also called Casuarina beach. Four Season quarter is also situated in this quarter.

Admiring The Art

7- Admiring The Art

Apart from natural reservation, Langkawi has also restored true Malaysian culture in its art museum and art galleries. If you are an art admirer then one of the places below should be in your things to do in Langkawi list.

Craft Cultural Complex shares the crafting and weaving basics, which were developed in Langkawi zone centuries ago.

Galeria Perdana itself has a very historic and beautiful building. Inside the building, you will find astounding collection of Malaysian government’s official gifts.

Laman Padi Rice Garden is a museum constructed in the form of rice fields. It educates about the beginning of rice agriculture in Langkawi and worldwide.

Ibrahim Hussein Foundation Museum has very beautiful collection of the artistic productions of Malaysian artists. Several pieces of Muslim art are also exhibited here.

Relaxing in Spa

8- Relaxing in Spa

The sandy Langkawi extracts some of the finest sand minerals and offers them in its spas for health and beauty. The latest technological techniques are also used in these spas. One of the spa below should be in your list of things to do in Langkawi.

Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort offers you to retreat yourself in the sound of splashing waters and breezes of the island. Revitalizing therapies, including aromatherapy and hydrotherapy are used here.

Chavana Spa at Sheraton Langkawi offers you the true Asian traditional health gift. Two therapists treat every customer and produce 5 different blends of treatments. Chavana Massage is the specialty.

Embun Spa at Langkawi Lagoon Resort retreats you within the tranquility of Andaman Sea breezes. Here, herbs are used for rejuvenation.

Mandara Spa is a western style spa where Indian Ayurveda is used for revitalization.

Taking Part in Festivals

9- Taking Part in Festivals

Langkawi is basically a land of nature where you can relax. But it does not mean that the island has skipped living the events and festivals.

Ironman Langkawi Malaysia is a very interesting competition which takes place in February. In this competition, the participants swim, then bicycle and then run in marathon race for several miles.

Langkawi International Water Festival marks your love for water. People from all over the world participate in this festival. It involves diving, sailing and swimming competitions.

Langkawi International festival of Art will be held in April 2014 in which artists from all around the world will participate.

Langkawi Food and Fruit Fiesta is a special event for all those who love tropical flavors. This event occurs in mid June. You will be able to taste delicious flavors made from special Malaysian ingredients and fruits. You will never find these flavors anywhere else on the earth.

National Day of Malaysia occurs on 31st August. Special patriotic celebrations occur in Langkawi as well.

Ramadan Bazaar is a special discount bazaar which marks the richness of Muslim history. All the products are available at less than 50% prices.

Langkawi International Fishing Tournament occurs in winter. Fishers from all over the world come and participate in the tournament. A portion of caught fishes is used for preparing tournament foods. The remaining are released back.

Among all the most favorite and must awaited festival is Tour de Langkawi. This international bicycling event started in 1996 and takes place every year.

Like all parts of the world, Christmas and New Year Eve are the top celebrations in Langkawi. The specialty of these events is sea food.

Absorbing The Nature

10- Absorbing The Nature

Langkawi and nature are interconnected at every inch. You will find natural beauty everywhere at Langkawi. Yet, if you want to absorb nature, then there are plenty of options for you. One of the option below should be in your list of things to do in Langkawi.

Travel in Langkawi Cable Car Ride and enjoy a quick view of Langkawi and surroundings.

Visit UNESCO’s World Geopark, which is the first Geo park of Southeast Asia. Absorb the 550 million years of geological history.

Take a tour of Mangrove Wetlands and get stunned at every second. The unique combinations of ecosystem are not found anywhere else on the planet.

Langkawi’s magical rainforest has been spreading the love of nature for more than one million years. Cold breeze, green plants, colorful flowers, herbs, rocky stones and clear water have accumulated at this place together.

I hope you can find plenty of activities in this 10 things to do in Langkawi list. If you want to share a suggestions then please feel free to do so by adding comments below.

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