Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi – An Ancient Love Story

Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi Island Malaysia

The Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi is the most romantic spot to discover in Pulau Langkawi. The origination of this lake came into being in the most popular island of Pulau Dayang Bunting; enormously known to be the second largest among the pack of ninety-nine islands of Langkawi. This lake also possesses in bulk an entirely fresh water from the Guillemard Lake; the boundary is covered with a cluster of lush green mountains all around, capable from the rain gushing forth through it.

Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi

As far as the identity of this lake is concerned, it is thus emphasized by great historians that this lake is called as Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi because there is an ancient love story behind and it states that foremost the Princess Mambang Sari met an ordinary man named Mat Teja at this point and they both fell in love with deep concerns of particularly love in between that coincidentally tends them to marry each other and after some time princess gave birth to a son.

Unfortunately their son did not live longer and both of them buried them in the lake; assuming that their son must rest in peace and they assume their son to keep floating on the lake. The most blessed part of this lake is that while handing over their son to the lake, the princess also prayed for all those women having difficulty in giving birth to a new offspring so that they may bless with a new being without any medical hindrances.

Such that, the lake is tremendously popular because of its fertile nature of the woman all around who are eager to visit the lake purposely in order to produce a new offspring. Taking a dip into the lake certainly affects the difficulty of fertility in such women.

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The view of the lake if your observation is very immense in noticing the objects, then you may inherently come to realize that the surrounding mountains of the lake are built in a shape of a pregnant woman about to give birth to a new born baby. If you really possess an artistic observation than by looking to those mountains you come across the picture of a woman with a bulging belly that naturally influences the strong belief among the visitors, especially marriage couples to be blessed with fertility after dipping their body part into the lake.

One of the most interesting things about the Lake of Pregnant Maiden Langkawi is that, it is attached to the sea and slightly segregated by a thin line of a small group of rocks. After reaching the lake you may also climb up the mountain through a narrow staircase that leads to a footpath then towards the top of the hill and that will take around ten minutes to reach on the top. After reaching the mountain top, then to view the most beautiful part of the lake you have to travel on foot at least at a distance of hundred footsteps away you will naturally observe and get stunned to view the deep blue water lake just across the mountains.

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