Langkawi Cable Car – A Happy Experience in Langkawi Skies

Langkawi Cable Car

We all love cable car ride as it takes us to the height and gives us the best view of a place. The ride on Langkawi Cable Car is one of the recommended activity and things to do in Langkawi. It will take you to the second highest peak in Langkawi for a marvelous view of the island.

Langkawi Cable Car Experience

Sitting in Langkawi Cable Car and travelling in the Langkawi skies are general reasons for experiencing this ride. But it is not just a sky cable car ride. It is a complete fun-filled experience of knocking into almost all the Langkawi attractions. Your Langkawi tour should start from this ride as you will then know about which place to visit the first!

Welcome Point

The Oriental Village Langkawi is the entrance point of the Cable Car ride. From this point, you will sit in the cable car, which will take you up to the heights of Mount Mac Cincang. This is the second highest peak in Langkawi. This entrance point welcomes you with lots of cafes, souvenir shops and a beautiful oriental garden.

The Oriental Village is at a distance of 15 minute drive from Langkawi International Airport, so if you are coming directly to Langkawi by air, then make sure that you make an instant visit to the Langkawi Cable Car.

Second Destination

As the cable cars will rise in the air at around 709 meters above the sea level, you will find a temperature drop followed by Langkawi’s fresh air breezes in the skies. Your next destination would be thick Langkawi forests. You will also be able to see the staircase used to climb up the forests.

From the cable cars, the view of Telega Tujuh is just heavenly. Telaga Tujuh or the seven wells waterfall is considered as Langkawi’s most beautiful natural attraction.

A visit to Langkawi is incomplete without a visit to Telega Tujuh. The locals claim that fairies reside in these magical waterfalls.


The cable cars will stay for sometime at intermediate cable car station. This station comes after covering a distance of 1700 meters, whereas the total distance of this ride is 2079 meters. At this station, viewing platforms at eastern cliffs are built where people can stand and enjoy a 360 panoramic view of the island. This station is situated at 650 meters above the sea level. The temperature is always lower than ground here.

Final Destination

Langkawi Cable Car will move from this station and take you to the top station. This station is built at Gunung Michinchang, which is also the destiny of Langkawi Sky Bridge. It offers two viewing platforms from where you can view Thailand in the north direction as well. Restaurants and cafes are also built which serve you hot and cold drinks.

Tips to Remember

1. The temperature is generally 5 degrees lower than the ground temperature, so take some warm clothes with you. Make sure that kids are wearing full clothes.
2. The cable cars are maintained weekly and therefore the rides are not available for one day each week. Check the availability before going. The information can be checked from ‘Latest Maintenance Schedule’ Tab on its official website.
3. Always try to get there in the morning as you will not need to suffer exhaustive wait of long queues. The view is also very beautiful in the morning.
4. Avoid Langkawi Cable Car ride if you have height phobia.
5. Food and drinks are not allowed into the cable cars. Feed the kids before entering.


• 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Thursday
• 12 PM to 7 PM on Wednesday
• 9:30 AM to 7 PM on Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays and school holidays

The timings may be different for individual days, depending on weather conditions.

Fare Details

Langkawi Cable Car does not cost much and the fair detail is below:

• RM 30 for adults
• RM 20 for children (age 2 to 12)
• RM 20 and 15 for students and educational visitors
• All the fares are 50% for Malaysians.

To avail educational and student discounts, contact the cable car ride administration at least a week before.

Instant Information

1. Maximum Height – 709 meters
2. Time for One Round – 20 minutes
3. Distance – 2079 meters
4. Construction – April 2001 to August 2002
5. Total Capacity – 700 passengers per hour
6. Car Capacity – 6 passengers per car
7. Stations – 3 (The Oriental Village, Middle Station and Top Station)
8. Speed – 3 meters per second

Hotels within 2 Miles

1. Twin Peaks Island Resort – 1 miles
2. Panorama Langkawi Country Resort – 1.6 miles
3. Mawanza Motel – 1.7 miles
4. Hotel Bahagia – 1.8 miles
5. Ricca Inn – 1.8 miles
6. D-Coconut Hill Resort – 1.9 miles
7. Bella Rista Resort and Spa Langkawi – 2 miles


Cable Car Station, The Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia 07000

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Photo Credit: Khairil Yusof

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