Oriental Village Langkawi – Home of Langkawi Top Attractions


Oriental Village Langkawi is to be found at the northwestern flank of Burao Bay and at the base of Mount Mat Cingkang close to Pantai Kok. It is at a drive of about 20 minutes from Pantai Cenang beach. It is an appealing village and is home to Langkawi’s most startling attractions and charming wonders. It is magnificently designed and superbly managed and run under the authority of LADA eco-tourism, which is the subordinate of Langkawi Development Authority.

Oriental Village Langkawi

The Oriental Village Langkawi is planned and structured as an outdoor lifestyle mall having an enormous lake in the center. The structure is fabulously designed in Chinese and Japanese elegance’s and has a diversity of souvenir and handicraft stores offering multiplicities of things like garments, bags, sunglasses and art items.

The village has noticeable smooth trails around it with glorious bridges at various spots to cross over the watercourses. There are ranges of stalls, wholesale stores, art galleries, animal exhibitions, a spa and numerous local and intercontinental eateries which offer delightful food and scrumptious beverages at very fine rates. The bathing suit is most ordinarily found in nearly all the garments store. The batik print beachwear is exquisite attire which is only obtainable in the Oriental Village’s garment shops. The rates all over the island are quite reasonable.

Regularly, there are a lot of visitants and tourists in the Oriental Village Langkawi and extensive queues are a mutual scene for most of the time, especially at the art arcades and monuments.

The Oriental Village Langkawi is quite famous for the Langkawi Cable Car and the Langkawi Sky Bridge which are undeniably entertaining and the topmost tourist attractions there. The Cable Car is a 15 minute ride, fetching the passengers to the peak of Mount Mat Cingcang which is the second highest mountain in Langkawi at a height of 709 meters above sea level and one of the sheerest slopes in the world with 42 degrees gradient at certain bits. It is a splendid ride which offers picturesque sights of the rainforests, islands, sea and the eminent Telaga Tujuh waterfalls.

The final destination of the Cable Car ride is the illustrious Sky Bridge which is a miraculous position offering mesmerizing visualization of Langkawi and its enthralling remote isles as a whole. It is a trilateral broadcasting stage of 1.8 meters width and 410 feet long pedestrian bridge constructed with double steel railings and fenced with wire netting. Besides, the Mainland and Tarutao Island in south Thailand can also be on site from this locus on a clear day.

Furthermore, the trained eagles of the Falconry Encounters at the Animal Adventures Exhibition are marvelous and quite enjoyable. Likewise, a stunning Malayan Tigress named Zanah, engages and pleases the visitants through her stunts in her playground and pool at the “Tiger! Tiger! Galleria and Parade”.

Additionally the Oriental Village Langkawi also offers Elephant rides which are a tradition of Lasah. Those who do not desire to ride the elephants can contribute in feeding them. Besides, there is a wildlife art gallery, with the collections and contributions of native and remarkable artists. The access is totally free, but one has to be formally and properly outfitted in order to enter the gallery.

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