Best 10 Romantic Things to do in Langkawi – A Guide for Couples

romantic things to do in langkawi

Langkawi is a popular destination among tourists and they consider it the best place to spend their vacation. Nevertheless, it is equally recommended for honeymooners and newly-weds, as it has everything to offer them, so that the couples can have a perfect romantic tour of this island.

Though there are a lot of choices around for honeymoon, but this destination being too far from the noises and hassles of the big cities, is thus considered the most optimum place to celebrate love. Apart from the romantic resorts in Langkawi and restaurants, the adventurous Langkawi attractions and sightseeing will add more value to your romantic trip to Langkawi.

Langkawi Honeymooner Wunderlist

We have performed a thorough research and have concluded about the best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi. This will help you to plan your trip accordingly and you shall know where you have to go with your soul mate and what other activities you can do. Read on to know about it:

1. Stay at a Romantic Resort in Langkawi

As you have planned a romantic trip to this exotic destination, then it is necessary that you choose to stay at a romantic resort. The place where you plan to stay should be comfortable and fully furnished with the best. Also, the view from the outside should be breathtaking. Though there are many romantic resorts in Langkawi, but among them the most preferred is Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

The resort is built just above the sea among the lush green rainforest that gives you a fascinating view of the entire Andaman Sea. The rooms are very much comfy and warm and if the resort authorities know that you are coming on honeymoon, they will decorate it accordingly. It is also near to the Langkawi airport within a 15 minute drive and near to Langkawi Cable Car. The resort itself has so much to offer its guests that even if you don’t go anywhere; you shall definitely have a great time here with your better half.

Romantic Spa

2. Refresh and Rejuvenate at a Romantic Spa

Relax yourself with your soul mate at the Taara Spa, which is built within the Berjaya Langkawi Resort, among the lush green rainforest and exotic beachside. The expert therapists here have years of experience offering the best body wraps and scrubs, facials, pedicures and manicures and massages. Its signature massage is very much ideal for couples.

It is one of the best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi. The spa’s signature massage is effective in soothing sore muscles and joint pains with warm organic herbs and spices. The mixture is applied on the body’s meridian points. Oriental Spice aromatherapy oil blend is used for the invigorating massage. If you and your better half had been having fun in the heat, then the spa’s After Sun Remedy will assist in soothing your skin.

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Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise

3. Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise

Another one of the must and best 10 things to do in Langkawi is to have scrumptious dinner with your loved one on Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise. This cruise not only offers delicious buffet of 19 dishes including chicken satay, oriental coleslaw, freshly baked bread, young papaya salad, assorted vegetables, live barbeque, beef rending and etc. but also an evening tour across the Andaman Sea.

The cruise sails around the famous attractions of Langkawi, during which you can enjoy fruit juices, beer, chilled soda and wine at the open bar. Also, you can refresh yourself with your loved one in its saltwater Jacuzzi. Sometimes, many have been lucky enough to see the glimpse of spinner dolphins and flying fish, during the cruise trip.

Beach Side

4. Have Fun on the Beach Side

Pantai Cenang is among the popular Langkawi beaches, which is regarded as an ideal place for all sorts of water sports. It is a perfect place to swim, have fun or simply have a leisurely walk with your better half on the beachside or just sit back and relax together.

Walking along the beachside with your soul mate is one of the best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi. Pantai Cenang is fortunately the beautiful and beach of Langkawi, which is the most developed west-coast beach. The beautiful white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue water and palms will definitely allure you to stay here for long and spend maximum time till the sunset with your loved one.

Nightlife of Langkawi

5. Enjoy the Nightlife of Langkawi

You can hang out at night as well with your better half, as the nightlife in Langkawi is not at all boring. You can pay a visit to a bar or pub and have fun all night with loads of drinks. One of the most visited places to enjoy nightlife is the Debbie’s Place Irish Pub, which as per its name is not an Irish theme place. The service here is really good and the staff is friendly.

Cocktails are mixed in an amazing style by Debbie and with one hand only. If you order a standard cocktail it will cost you between RM10 to RM12, whereas beers are approximately, RM16 a pint. This pub is found opposite to the Malibest Resort on the side of the Pantai Cenang stretch. It is though a fine place for specific cold beers.

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Adventurous Sites

6. Hold your Breath on the Adventurous Sites

Coming to Langkawi and missing out the adventurous attractions is not a wise decision at all. There are a number of adventurous attractions in Langkawi, but among the most optimum one for you and your better half would be to experience the Langkawi Sky Bridge and Cable Car.

Both these activities are the best 10 things to do in Langkawi. The cable car will take you right up to the Mount Mat Cincang, which is the second highest peak of Langkawi. When the cable car will start moving up, you shall start feeling cold as the temperature will be falling down and you will experience cool breeze, which will be entering into your cabin through the slits at the top.

The Lankgawi Sky Bridge is found in the same location as soon as the Cable Car ride ends. This bridge is 410ft long and is like a pedestrian bridge that has curves, just above the Mount Mat Cinchang. You shall see breathtaking views from this bridge and are ideal for capturing the best moments by clicking great memories here.

3D Museum

7. Get Amazed at the 3D Museum

Apart from the different beaches, resorts and restaurants, Langkawi has something more to offer you. Visit the amazing and astonishing Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum. You shall be amazed to see the top-notch creation of some great artists around the museum and for sure you and your better half will have the best time together exploring the museum. Take unique pictures with the exclusive masterpieces and add on to the circle of your memory. You shall approximately 2000+ artwork that will seem real and alive.

beautiful waterfalls

8. Explore hand in hand the beautiful waterfalls

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are yet another one of the best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi. Coming to a fascinating island and then missing out some real fun beside the mesmerizing waterfall among the lush greenery is not at all a wise thing to do. You and your soul mate can walk hand in hand and explore this beauty of nature. Take a dip in the cold water and have loads of fun together.

A series of seven natural pools are connected to this waterfall. It is said by the locals that this place is home of fairies and may be, therefore, you shall experience the beautiful flora in this region.

Sail along the Sea

9. Sail along the Sea

You shall enjoy sailing over here with your soul mate. While you sail along the sea, the breathtaking views all around create a great romantic ambiance for you. You can enjoy every bit of the trip together and can even watch the sunset. Langkawi has now become an ideal sailing destination, having four marinas and a number of bases, along with the best facilities for yachts. Sightseeing while sailing on the yacht with your loved one and feeling the cool breeze, is one of the best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi for couples.

underwater world in Langkawi

10. Explore the underwater world in Langkawi

You should not miss out to watch the marine life closely. You and your better half will definitely have a unique experience in exploring this place. It is also one of the Malaysia’s largest man-made aquariums, found in Pantai Cenang by the name Underwater World Langkawi. There are approximately 200 marine species and fresh water fishes. You shall also get to see Amazonian, which is the biggest fresh water fish of the world. Add this exciting exploration in your must-to-do list with your loved one. You can also enjoy Langkawi Snorkeling in the Pulau Payar Marine Park, which is always occupied by couple snorkelers.

Best Time to Visit Langkawi

It is recommended that you don’t visit Langkawi in the Monsoon season because the seas are choppy and not safe in this season. The best time to visit Langkawi is between November to March. During this, you will enjoy both sunshine and slight rainfall.

Thus, if you are seeking a romantic destination to enjoy your new days of love and spend great time with your better half, then do visit Langkawi and enjoy the above discussed best 10 romantic things to do in Langkawi. To recommend a romantic activity, please add comments below.

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