Best 5 Things to do in Langkawi with Kids & Family

Best 5 things to do in Langkawi with Kids

Langkawi is a beautiful tropical island, cloaked in misty low-lying clouds and surrounded by massive turquoise sea. The heavy breeze and thick undiscovered jungles, and boating above the heavy waves of the sea is once in a lifetime experience.

Langkawi is a popular tourist destination, also known among the tourists as the Island paradise, rich in natural beauty. This tourist destination attracts hordes of tourist from all over the world. Some come in groups, some come to make their honeymoon an unforgettable one, while others come along their children to make the best of their summer holidays or vacations in Langkawi.

Activities to do with Kids in Langkawi

Among many tourist attraction sites and activities to do in Langkawi, here is the list of top five things to do in Langkawi with kids.

1. Langkawi SkyCab or Cable Car

Langkawi’s SkyCab is a cable car which is the steepest in the world and is known for being the free spanning mono-cable car for the longest time. It surely is as thrilling as it sounds. If you have a fear of heights, you will either overcome your phobia for once and for all, or you will be thrilled and terrified to senselessness! Of course in a good way. There is an immediate 360 degree movie Langkawi Sky Dome at the base of the cable car, where you will have to wait. Children might find this Sky Dome theatre more fascinating than the cable car ride.

This air-conditioned and safe, Sky dome has a screen that encompasses 360 degree screen that takes you on an extraterrestrial roller coaster ride. The glass-bottom Gondola ride gives you a great experience to watch the birds and treetops and the thick lush jungle through the transparent floor. At the station on the top you will find two spherical viewing platforms. These platforms reveals the beautiful beach and forest sightings for as far as your eyes can see. While you are up there, you should have a jacket or a sweater with yourself, since it is a 5 degree Celsius cooler up there. That top station is almost 708 meters above the sea level.

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2. Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge
Known as the world’s longest curved bridge, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is 125 meters and 410 ft in length. This pedestrian cable bridge is located 660 meters above sea level. This Sky Bridge has some breathtaking panoramic views to offer. You can easily get to this Sky Bridge through the top station of SkyCab. For the time being that is the only way to get to the Sky Bridge through a walk of 15 to 20 minutes trek across the rough mountain track. However, for an easy and direct access, an inclinator is being built. If you are in Langkawi with your kids, do take them to this Sky Bridge for its fascinating views from the top.

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3. The Oriental Village

The Oriental Village
This is an extensive wonder of Langkawi that is a must visit especially if you are with kids. The Oriental Village is a themed shopping complex with lots of food and entertainment. What makes this sanctuary unlike any other is the fact that it is an outdoor shopping complex. From a variety of merchandise to souvenirs, clothes and galleries to food and entertainment, the Oiental Village has to offer everything to the tourists or visitors.

Children will love rolling around in a Zorb on water. This Zorb is actually an inflatable ball. You may also just relax with your kids near the pond or head for a SkyCab and excite your nerves by this free spanning monocab. You can spend the whole day in the Oriental Village Langkawi without getting a second of being jaded.

4. Duck Tour Langkawi

Duck Tour Langkawi
Duck tour allows you to explore Langkawi from the land while the aforementioned sites gave you the views from high up the mountains, above the sea level. This Duck tour is situated at the entrance of the Oriental Village. This duck tour is a drive through the marina, entering the water, navigating around the harbor and then coming back to the village. This is a bright colored aqua marine adventure, a must have with kids. There are similar duck tours set up in various other cities too.

Langkawi has its own that never fails to fully entertain the kids. Everything is so simple and blatant, there is no guide or an instructor on this tour, allowing the kids to put their own observations at most use. This is not an educational trip. Just a simple, enjoyable time passes for families with children.

5. ATV Extreme Zone

ATV Extreme Zone
Past across the vast Langkawi Rice Garden on your way to the Buffalo Farm, from where you’ll come across the downward shady pathways through a dense rainforest until you finally arrive at the ATV extreme zone. This is a waterfall place, a must visit place with your kids where you can spend a quality time relaxing and exploring this paradise of the world in Langkawi. The locals are busy roasting the chicken on an open fire besides the cool water from the waterfall. You can relax and watch your kids running about of splashing in the water. In this Extreme Zone, you will have one day at Langkawi spent well with children.

These are the best things to do in Langkawi with kids. If you want to recommend an activity or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. If you’re traveling with kids in Malaysia or Singapore, below are some of the recommended readings:

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