Eagle Feeding Langkawi Tour Guide & Tips for Tourists


An eagle feeding Langkawi is considered to be a mangrove tour with lots of giant white colored waters eagles as well as many reddish brown colored flying eagle; also called Brahminy Kites seen all around the island of Langkawi in Malaysian Peninsula. The name of this island was certainly named because of those plenty of reddish brown colored eagles being observed in huge numbers specifically in Langkawi. For instance, Lang in Malay language means eagle and the word Kawi is known as a reddish brown color.

Eagle Feeding Langkawi

There are numerous areas being inculcated for eagle feeding on large. For instance, those areas are renowned as Kilim River and sea area of Pulau Singa Bisar Island. The Kilim River can be easily traced in the Kilim Geo Park; located on the north eastern part of Langkawi Island. Therefore, another water portion can be clearly found at the southern part of Langkawi.

Following are the major attractions of the eagle feeding Langkawi emphasized asunder:

  • The Langkawi Island rides in order to view the scene of the eagle feeding seems most enormously tempting as the cluster of flying eagles covers the sky, which consequently intends all of them to dive into water for catching their prey. Whereas, tourists and visitors keep watching their vivacious actions for about twenty minutes at least.
  • The eagles come to you in clusters while you are riding in a boat and you simply cannot be able blink your eyes due to continuous ongoing of magical scenery of swaying eagles under water and in the air.
  • The specific time duration for Langkawi eagle feeding in the tour of Langkawi Island hopping and eagle feeding is almost for four hours approximately. Such that, you may enjoy the pleasurable journey on a boat by discovering mesmerizing view of three consecutive sea shores, including Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Dayang Bunting as well as Pulau Beras Basah.
  • The eagle feeding in a purely mangrove field primarily yields stunning temptations by spending the leisure activities for almost four hours in a Sengai Kilim Nature Park. Other than viewing the beach side of Langkawi it is also developing an amazing attractiveness while discovering the densely populated forests depicting an image of lush green hilly atmosphere all around. Other than an eagle feeding on the shores of Kilim River; the Kilim Nature Park simultaneously explores the beauty of Mangrove journey; its path simply begins from the Kilim River then into the forest occupying the land of about 100 square kilometers approximately.
  • The trip on the boat while exploring the attractive scenery of a tempting island by all the tourists and visitors therein; they similarly come across many other beautiful and friendly animals there. Such friendly and loving animals in the middle of the journey come incessantly on our way that mainly consists of myriad Monkeys, Eagles, Fish Farms and the caves of crocodiles, Bats and many more.
  • Eagle feeding Langkawi guide is really an ecology tour that similarly tends you to explore the ecology system therein. For instance, some native boat riders also take you to the tour of watching reptiles like snakes and crocodiles as well in those Langkawi islands.

If you have experienced the eagle feeding Langkawi tour and would like to share your insight, please do so by adding comments below. You can also checkout interesting things to do in Langkawi Island for more information.

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