A Budget Travel Guide for Langkawi Backpackers

langkawi backpackers

Your wait to find a perfect guide for Langkawi backpackers is now over. You don’t have to perform further searches and trust us; following this guide will give you a trip to remember your entire life. Langkawi is renowned as the Jewel of Kedah officially and is an archipelago of a number of islands. The island of Langkawi is a famous place among tourists, however, missed by the backpackers, especially those of South-East Asia. This island has a lot more to offer that includes tax-free shopping, affordable accommodation, delicious food and serene environment.

Langkawi Backpackers – An Essential Travel Guide

If you are one of the Langkawi backpackers, then read on to know in detail where and how you can save on your entire spending and how your exciting tour will end in limited budget:

Where to Stay?

For Langkawi backpackers the ideal place to stay is Pantai Cenang beach area. Here you shall find loads of bars, shops, restaurants and of course attractions. Therefore, it is recommended to stay around Pantai Cenang, as it is also one of the hot spots of this island. The two main hostels and guesthouses that are suitable for backpackers are Gecko’s Guest House and Daddy’s Guest House. You can also opt to stay in a budget hotel in Langkawi.
The atmosphere of Gecko’s Guest House is good enough. The rooms and bathrooms are though not so clean, but you can’t expect more in the budget. There are dorms and private rooms, all with shared bathroom.

Daddy’s Guesthouse is just next to Gecko’s and is an ideal solution for those, who are here on really very strict budget. A dorm bed is only 15 Ringgit and the rooms are also not too bad. The hostel’s interior and exterior are also good, decorated with lights of different colors and hammocks for the relaxation purposes.

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Things To Do

There are a lot of things to do in Langkawi, as this place offers some exciting opportunities to roll on and enjoy your stay at its amazing attractions. You can opt for 3 Stop Island Hopping Tour, Mangrove Tour, Oriental Village, Cable Car/ Skybridge, Pantai Cenang, Berjaya Resort, Eagle Square, Sevel Wells Waterfall, Temuran Waterfalls, Watersports and Sunba Retro Bar.

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Food and Drink

Though there are a number of places where you can eat out, but being a backpacker you need to keep a watch on your budget too. But, you don’t have to worry at all, because there are many restaurants and a bar that will not fail to satisfy your taste buds and hunger economically:

Little Mexican: The best place to eat Mexican food for Langkawi backpackers is the Little Mexican. They serve big portions and are really very scrumptious. Though it is a bit expensive than other Mexican restaurants in Langkawi, but taste and quality wise better than them.

Tomato: Tomato offers its guests the self-serve option, so that they can pick themselves what they want to eat. The menu items are also pretty good and majorly they are the best in serving Indian food. The dishes offered here are really very affordable and also very delicious. Their specialty is Garlic Cheese Naan and Butter Chicken.

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Istanbul Kebab: It is found at the end of the main boulevard, serving scrumptious kebabs and hummus. As the name implies, Istanbul Kebab serves meaty cuisines that are a regional specialty of Istanbul. You can either come here to satisfy late night cravings or have a proper meal. Their dishes are very budget friendly.

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How to Reach here?

You can easily reach Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur. The flight cost starts from $50 USD. You can also take the ferry from Penang to Langkawi. If you are coming from Thailand, then you can take a ferry from Koh Lipe or take a jetty in the Satun province.

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Hope that this Langkawi backpackers guide will assist you in your trip to this beautiful island. You can also spend some extra penny or expand your budget, if any activity seems to you very attractive and can be a great experience to be remembered your entire life. Have fun and don’t forget to follow the guide.

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