Lankgawi Car Rental – Rent a Car in Langkawi Guide & Tips

Langkawi car rental

Langkawi, renowned as one of the best tourist destinations in Malaysia, is comprised of 99 islands. Lush green jungles, beaches and underwater diving are the major attractions of Langkawi. However, this serene holiday destination has a lot more to explore for the tourists, but the only difficulty the tourists face here is lack of latest public transportation system.

Those coming here for the first time, find it really difficult to manage without a proper transport. As everyone has to travel at a long distance for the exploration of attractions from one place to another, therefore, without a public transport it becomes difficult. Hence, Langkawi car rental is the only feasible option for everyone, which will assist you. The car rental services have different varieties of car and thus, they charge accordingly.

What are the Things involved Around Langkawi Car Rental?

There are certain things that you need to know before choosing to rent a car in Langkawi. You need to follow the laws, terms and conditions and etc. However, there is no pick up and drop off fee of the car rental. Read on to know about each and everything in detail:

Terms & Conditions

• Self-Drive Rates:

There are certain rates applied, if you choose to drive yourself. Hourly charges are as per one-sixth, i.e. 1/6 of the daily rate being applied, approximately reaching 6 hours. After 6 hours the charges applied are of the whole day. All rates can be changed without any prior notice. However, 5% GST is not applied in Langkawi.

• Insurance:

The renter can opt to waive the financial responsibility, which can occur due to any damage caused to the rented car, being under a rental agreement. The renter can do so by accepting the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), when the rental car is handed over to him/her along with a nominal fee. However, one is liable for a Non-Waiveable Damage excess like the Car group B-E will have Non-Waiveable Damage Excess RM 1ooo, F-G will have RM 2000 and WA-VD will have RM 2000.

• It has been observed that if one violates the given terms and conditions as per the Rental Agreement, then the CDW will be invalidated, even if the renter had accepted it.
• Overhead and underbody damage of the rented car is totally the renter’s responsibility and all insurances are void, if one drives the car on under constructive surfaces.
• If the renter makes a police complaint within 24 hours, then only the CDW coverage will be void.
• If you misplaced any accessory of the car, it will not be covered under CDW.
• Every renter has to follow the terms and conditions as per listed in the Rental Agreement.

Terms of Payment

• The guests who choose to rent a car in Langkawi are charged a deposit of 20% on the total rent, apart from the CDW, from their Credit Card, after being approved by the Asia Web Direct (M) Sdn Bhd. The remaining amount is paid directly to the rent a car service provider on returning the vehicle. Payment is only accepted by Visa and Master Card.
• If there is a change in the booking dates, number of hours or in the type of vehicle, the renter needs to update it through the service provider’s office and not to the operator.
• The updates are to be done in writing with reference to the booking number and the email id renter had used to book the car.
• If the changes required a refund of payment, the rent a car service provider will charge an administration fee on the paid amount, which will be 5% of the total value.

Driver’s License and Age

The locals are supposed to submit their present Malaysian driving licenses, whereas the tourists are asked to submit their present country’s driving license, which is then verified by the rent a car in Langkawi service agent. Those driving the car on rent should not be less than the age of 21 years and should have a valid driving license of minimum 1 year. New drivers will not be allowed for driving the rented cars. Moreover, the agent will reject the renter who shall be having an endorsement of any kind on his driving license.

Extension in Rental

If you need to extend the days to keep the rented car with you, then you need to update the Langkawi car rental service provider earlier to the date. This is necessary because, you will have to pay the additional rental amount, in order to make sure that the insurance coverage is also extended. If you did not do so, then you shall be subject to driving the car without CDW coverage.

Where to Use?

The rented cars are to be used only on the Langkawi Island. One cannot take it outside the boundaries of this island.


The rates of petrol/diesel are not included in the rented car fee. The Langkawi car rental service provides a tank full vehicle to the renter and expects the same from them.

Parking Charges and Traffic Violation

Renters are supposed to pay the parking charges, wherever applicable and not to break the traffic rules. Those breaking the traffic rules will be charged a fine in the name of the rental service provider’s agent. The agent will then forward it to the renter, if he does not pays it, then the agent will submit the particulars to the concerned authority. The same applies in the case of unpaid parking.

The rental service providers in Langkawi have to keep strict rule and regulations, in order to enforce safety and security. But, renting a car is not that difficult, it is affordable and easy, if you honestly follow the terms and conditions, you will not face any problem. This service is, however, is an ideal solution to explore the entire Langkawi without any hassle. You can also read about Langkawi Airport Car Rental for renting a car from the airport.

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