Langkawi Nightlife – Best things to do in Langkawi at night

things to do in langkawi at night

Langkawi is the most fabulous island of Malaysian Peninsular and its natural temptation simultaneously attracts the tourist around the globe. There are plenty of best things to do in Langkawi at night specifically. It mainly delivers optimum level of pleasures at night that generally includes fun in the name of tempting dancing clubs, decorative spacious bars, supplying drinks on economical rates for the tourists and night friendly customers that generally entertains the surroundings inbuilt with friendly atmosphere all around, friendly behavior of crowds here mostly explores the attractions of the night with ongoing light music that certainly keeps the night visitors behaving even with their counterparts in friendly manners even if you want to spend the whole of the night with them.

Langkawi Night Market

Langkawi night market is a tremendously attractive point at night for Shopaholics particularly. It is therefore the best place to enjoy enormous amount of cultural and non cultural food in cheaper rates, buying variety of garments, bulk of tempting accessories for the locals as well as for the tourists at large, people visiting this market at night can also enjoy the pleasure of dining here as per their choice of spending and can also take a long night walk in order to view the night atmosphere in Langkawi.

The night market is situated nearby Taj hotel and for reaching the market it is advisable to grab the ferry till 8pm for enjoying the purpose of shopping with great enthusiasm and grasping the temptations of night life in Langkawi.

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Local Night Spots

It is thus sensibly considered to be true that if you really want to explore the best things to do in Langkawi at night in particular then you must reach by evening and must enjoy the full pleasures nightlife. If you are travelling from the Langkawi Airport, then do try to visit busiest nocturnal playgrounds of Langkawi; that are named as Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah and it hardly takes ten minutes to reach this spot. I must also say that visitors must enjoy the pleasures of bars and spacious pubs situated on the corner side of the Andaman sea mostly at night.

The night life of Langkawi can be enjoyed by different types of audiences like gathering of friends, families, couples, etc. as per their choice of entertainment is concerned. For instance, the nightclubs are designed in a way that they are not overly packed in order to enjoy their beers in specific surroundings filled with natural atmosphere for those who are eager to spend their evening on the cool windy sea shore.

The married couples can also take the advantage of the nightlife in Langkawi with a sense of sprinkling romance in the places specially designed for couples. Such famous destinations for couples are Datai Bay and Rebak island. They can also grasp the advantage of shopping at night with the local dwellers in Sunday Padang Matsirat Night Bazar.

In order to explore the Langkawi nights with great enthusiasm it is imposingly advised that you must visit restaurants in Cenang, enjoy affordable pubs in Kuah, take pleasure of shopping in Padang Matsirat, decorative bars of Pantai Cenang, traditional pubs and bars of Patai Kok and tempting spots of Pantai Tengah as well.

These are some of the best things to do in Langkawi at night. If you want to suggest an activity or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. You can also read things to do in Langkawi for more information.

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