Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall – The Biggest Mall in Langkawi

langkawi fair shopping mall

Langkawi is one of the most illustrious destinations in Malaysia and offers one of most entertaining and astounding opportunities for tourists from all around the globe. It has vast and incredible shopping malls with multiplicities of shops, enchanting restaurants and charming art galleries. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is another destination for Shopaholic as it is the largest shopping malls in Langkawi Island.

Overview of Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

The Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is an open-air shopping complex with diversities of shops such as Garments shops, Handicraft shops, Souvenir shops and several delightful eateries which offer both local and intercontinental specialties at very reasonable prices.

The Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is one of the most striking and enormous shopping arcade near to Dataran Lang and Kuah Dock, sited alongside the Persiaran Putra in Kuah town. It is a dual –floor mall and also renowned as Pusat Membeli-Belah Langkawi fair and has over a 100 shops and an adjacent superstore known as Billion Superstore. The Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is a must-visit place for Shopaholic and among the best shopping malls of Langkawi.

Features of the Mall

It has assortments of mouthwatering fast food bistros, numerous perfume stores with rows of newest fragrant European scents, cosmetic shops, cigar shops and wonderful wine boutiques offering premium trademarks of wines and beers. There are several money changers and a kiosk, which informs and guides the visitors.

There is an art shop showing wonderful art mechanisms and outstanding paintings and a barber shop on the first floor where they offer very decent hairstyles at very inexpensive rates.

Shops at the Mall

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is open from 10am to 10pm and although it is second in size to Langkawi Parade but there are massive crowds at the common sight. It is a platform for tax free items and it offers a variety of goods like electronic items, watches, cosmetics, spa supplies, leather wear and sportswear. There are plenty of sweet shops offering flavorsome and ranges of cheap chocolates.

Moreover, there are chains of eminent brands such as F&B, Nike and Adidas offering stunning and finest attires and sports shoes at discounted rates. There is a wonderful tea shop on the top floor offering varieties of teas and coffees. In addition, there are Music shops where once could get sequences of different CDs and DVDs. The Malay music could regularly be heard on big speakers outside these shops.

As Langkawi is a duty-free Island, therefore the prices of all the goods are very reasonable here. Samudra is a very famous shopping arcade with over a 100 more shopping stores. It offers wide selections of fragrances, toys, tableware, casual wear, leather wear, cosmetics, fashion clothing, accessories, chocolates, cigarettes, whiskeys and malts at very cheap rates.

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langkawi fair shopping mall inside

Other Attractions at the Mall

Besides, there is an exciting museum on the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, which operates on the theory of the 5D and is the first museum in Malaysia of its type. It thrills the visitors by giving them a new experience of learning by deceiving and joshing their senses of taste, smelling, hearing, vision and touch. They surround the visitors in a setting which gives them the feelings of nature and reality in the art pieces and tricking their intellects.

The museum has diversities of fascinating paintings, thought-provoking sculptures, printed art and interesting 3D crafts that entertain the guests to their fullest.

Address: Persiaran Putra, Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-969 8100

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