Tour de Langkawi Festival – An international Cycling Event in Langkawi

Tour De Langkawi Festival

Festivals are a great way to learn about place & culture. Some of the festivals have significance importance and international coverage. One of such event is Tour de Langkawi festival. Started in 1996, the festival is being attendant by thousands of people every year. To participate in this mega event is among the best things to do in Langkawi.

Tour de Langkawi Festival

Malaysian people take a lot care of their and your health, and this is why; they fully participate in Tour de Langkawi festival. This festival is truly health-oriented celebration in which you will ride, workout, enjoy, compete and celebrate with Malaysian locals.

This family-oriented festival encourages the whole family to strengthen the muscles and stretch their tired veins. Finally, you will feel yourself energized like you were in your childhood. You can also just watch the race and encourage your favorite teams or come up with your own team. The choice is yours!

A brief History

Tour de Langkawi festival started in 1996. For the first few times, it was considered as a pure cycling competition, which was included as one of the festivals of Union Cyclist International Asia Tour. Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohammad, the Malaysian prime minister, suggested the idea.

The first few races in Tour de Langkawi were not appreciated much because of poor management. The idea was to visit Sabah, Sarawak and Borneo on cycles. However; due to poor management, the races didn’t enter Borneo. Later on, Borneo was totally expelled from racing route. In 2013, the bikers cycled through Perlis, Kedah, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Kelantan and Selangor. Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia now organizes this event.

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Know Before You Ride!

It is always better to know about the competition before entering into it. This way, you will be able to develop strategies beforehand and compete in better way, because victory combined with health produces extraordinary happiness.

This Malaysia wide cycling competition is also Asia’s biggest cycling competition. Teams from all around the world compete in Tour de Langkawi. The race comprises of 4 basic stages, which are further elaborated by obstacles and difficulties. Read these stages carefully!

General Stage: This is the first stage which includes general cycling techniques. In this stage, you just need to utilize your strong stamina. There are no obstacles and it is considered as a training session. In other words, it is the stage of preparing your muscles for difficulty levels.

Points: Point scoring starts from this second stage. Now, you will have to compete with each other and try to be among the first few cyclist’s. Falls are also included therefore try to be consistent and steady. You can beat this stage by riding a little faster in the first stage. But don’t be very fast in first stage or you will lose all your stamina in the start of race.

King of the Mountains: As the name tells, this stage includes cycling over mountainous or rocky areas. The stage gets difficult as you move forward. You will find the path more stony and rocky therefore try to maintain an average speed.

Asian Riders: Very few people reach this stage. The winners of this stage are granted with certificates of victory. First, second and third positions are decided on the basis of overall performance of riders in the 4 stages. However; two teams are given with the title of Asian Riders.

So get ready for a blasting cycle competition this year. You will never regret your decision as no doubt victory comes or not, your health is definitely coming your way.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interestings facts about Tour de Langkawi:

1. First Winner: Damian McDonald (Australia), Paolo Lanfranchi (Italy)
2. Most Wins: Jose Serpa (Colombia) 2 wins
3. 2013 Winner: Julian Arredondo (Colombia)

Tour de Langkawi 2014

For those who wants to take part in this thrilling event in 2014, please note that the Tour de Langkawi will start on 27th Feb and ends on 08th March. The total distance of the race will be 1507.9 km and it is comprised on 10 stages. The longest stage is from Kota Tinggi to Pekan (230.1 Km) and the shortest stage is Langkawi which is about 101 km. For more information please click here.

Photo Credit: Fizal’s Photography

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