What to Do In Langkawi Island in a Day

What to do in Langkawi in a day

You might have prepared your what to do in Langkawi list. But here, we have compiled a last moment list for you. This what to do in Langkawi list would suggest you the things you should do if you stay for one day or more days on the island. Remember to do all these on the very first day. A general suggestion is that if you want to see the attractions of Langkawi only, then two to three days are enough. But if you want to spend time in island hoping, then spare a week or more. A thing to remember is that Langkawi island has much more than attractions and island hoping.

One Day Activities in Langkawi

Here is a whole schedule to spend your fun-filled day in Langkawi and on your return; you will have hundreds of stories to tell ‘everything’ about Langkawi. Make a note of these suggestions if you have a day to spare in Langkawi.

1- Start From Sky Cab

Started in 2003, this 2.2 kilometer long Langkawi Sky Cable Car gives you a chance to have a panoramic view of Langkawi and select the places you want to visit the next. The tickets start from $9 for adults. You will also see a 100 meter high suspension Sky bridge. Start your day with fresh juices and a trip to Sky Cab.

2- Telega Tujuh

Now move on to Telegah Tujuh which is a home to some fresh water pools made by natural waterfalls; the infamous seven wells. You can eat your breakfast here and take a refreshing bath in the pools. You can also splash fresh water on your face by standing under the beautiful waterfalls.

3 (A) – Mangrove Kayak Tour

If you are nature-friendly, then Mangrove Kayak tour should be your next destination. In the beautiful but very wild mangrove forests, you will meet the friends and families of Comodo Dragons, lizards, snakes and a lot of other frightening creatures. This tour would take around 5 hours.

3 (B) – Shopping

If you are not much into nature, then don’t forget to stuff your bags from this duty-free island. Whole of the Langkawi shops are duty-free and you would just love to buy the gems, foods, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, crockery, shoes and other things at far reduced prices than anywhere else in Malaysia.

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3 (C) – Langkawi Island Hopping

Do you know that there are about 100 Islands in Lankawi? Though, it is practically not possible to step into every single Island in a day but Langkawi Island hopping give you a chance to visit some of the best island in 3 to 4 hours trip. Some of the Islands in the tour include Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar & Pulau Beras Basah.

You can enjoy water-sport, snorkeling, diving and other activities in these Islands.

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4 (A) – Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise is always ready to sail you through the Andaman Sea towards the unexplored islands of Langkawi. Celebrate with wine, fresh fruit juice and snacks while on the cruise. Get down enjoying an unforgettable saltwater Jacuzzi in the sea. The dinner served at cruise is just mind blowing. Don’t forget to eat the barbecue menu and the iced cake. Read more about Langkawi Sunset Cruise.

4 (B) – Tropical Yoga

It is really surprising to know that Langkawi evenings are more relaxing than the mornings. If you are tired of wandering on the island, then a relaxing tropical yoga would prepare you for a fresh Langkawi nightlife. Yoga Now will provide you a perfect escape from the thrilling life of Langkawi.

5- Nightlife Options

For beach, live modern music and food, you should go to the Pantai Cenang. For beach, 60’s music and food, visit Pantai Tengah. For nightclub fun, visit the most popular nightclub; Chime. Here is the detailed guide of Langkawi Nightlife.

One last thing, don’t forget to visit famous eagle square and take picture with the giant eagle sculpture. If you want to add any suggestions to what to do in Langkawi in a day then please do so by adding comments below.

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