Best Area to Stay in Langkawi for Maximum Fun

Best Area to Stay in Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi basically comprises of an extensive group of almost 99 islands, located on the west coast of Malaysia. Langkawi Island is a small world in itself; it is embraced by the glorious blue-green sea and has some very attractive jungle-clad hills and paddy fields.

This island is the most recommended and renowned tropical destination amongst tourists and being such an extensive island it is apportioned into numerous districts. The resorts here are priced differently so it could cater to visitors of all price ranges and preferences. The accommodation here on this island can range from lavish hotels for the extravagant spends to ordinary hotels.

Explore the Best Area to Stay in Langkawi

To help you have an outstanding vacation, we have listed down few options for the best area to stay in Langkawi in accordance with their pros and cons.

Pantai Cenang

It is one of the island’s busiest beaches and a best area to stay in Langkawi. Also, Pantai Cenang is home to some of the best restaurants, cafes, duty free stores and souvenir shops. You will observe its mesmerizing beach, perfect for taking a talk or simply, to bath yourself under the scorching sun. Moreover, Pantai Cenang houses some of the most lavish and classic resorts in Langkawi, inns and chalets overlooking the Andaman Sea.

It is a picturesque view quite likely of winning your heart. After sunset, this district comes to life at night and no matter how tired the people are, at the end of the day they will head down to the nearest bar for a drink and unwind the stress away.

Pros and Cons

Pantai Cenang is a place especially for people who like to spend their night out with friends. This bustling district has an amazing nightlife, so you surely don’t want to miss this out. Also, budget backpackers and travelers will find Pentai Cenang as the perfect place for them. The wide range of restaurants and cafes here offer a rich diversity of dishes and cuisines, so get ready to feel your taste buds tingling. Affordability and wide range of activities make Pantai Cenang a best area to stay in Langkawi.

The beach is tidy and properly maintained and these restaurants cater to travelers of all income groups. However, this place is probably the busiest beach so you might come across a big crowd of people. Also, the number of sightseeing opportunities is a bit limited.

Pantai Tengah

Pantai Tengah Langkawi Island
The Pantai Tengah is positioned close to Pantai Cenang and you can see the beach at quite a stretch, accompanied with a number of resorts and chalets that overlook the Andaman Sea. As a visitor, you can participate in some activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, island hopping Langkawi and the much more. The beach at Pantai Tengah stretches quite a long way so you can enjoy a nice walk around here.

You can choose from amongst the best resorts as well as enjoy nice laid back nightlife. It is, therefore, the best area to stay in Langkawi, so make sure you are high on budget when planning a vacation here.

Pros and Cons

You can find a very nice and wide range of premium quality local and international food. Whether you are in the mood for something traditional or western, you can easily have a food of choice. Also, there are a number of inexpensive spas and wellness centers at Pantai Tengah and what better way can there be to unwind the stressful day with an amazing pampering session at the spa? Pantai Tengah is probably not the best place for shopping, because it has a limited number of shopping centers. Also, there are few places of attraction, so you will have to settle in for the beach mainly.

Datai Bay

Datai Bay Langkawi Kedah
The Datai Bay is located at a distance of 30 km away from the Langkawi International Airport. It is home to some of the most top-notch hotels and posh resorts, which will be a real treat for those high on budget. Datai Bay is enclosed with a pristine tropical rainforest, but yet it offers limited activity options to tourists. If you are affluent, you will enjoy your stay here, as you will be lost in the glory of lavish resorts.

You may also choose to dine- in at the finest restaurants. The newlyweds must definitely pay a visit to Datai Bay, as it is truly a remarkable and an ideal place for honeymooners and a best area to stay in Langkawi.

Pros and Cons

Enthrall in the amazing Langkawi nightlife at Datai Bay and allow yourself to chill out after a long stressful day. You can head down to the bar for a nice refreshing drink amidst the loud beats of music. The resorts at Datai Bay are of the finest class and you can relax at the private beaches. However, there are limited opportunities for sightseeing and the absence of public transport makes it even harder.

The accommodation here is quite expensive as it is mainly for the affluent, so if you wish to enjoy your stay you need to be high on budget.

Padang Matsirat

Padang Matsirat Langkawi Malaysia
If you are a calm person and love to stay away from the noise of the city, then Padang Matsirat is the best place to stay in Langkawi for you. It is one of the quietest and most peaceful towns on the island, having a number of shopping centers. This is the one district where you will enjoy exploring a number of places. The hotels and inns here are also very affordable.

The renowned Mahsuri’s Tomb, Atma Alam Batik Art Village, Air Hangat Village are some of the places you must definitely visit. You can also enjoy a day out with your family at the mesmerizing animal parks and magnanimous farmlands.

Pros and Cons

The best thing which differentiates Padang Matsirat from other districts is the plenty of historical attractions like Buffalo Farm, Atma Alam Batik Art Village, Mahsuri Tomb and etc. For the budget travelers, it is probably the best area to stay and you even enjoy authentic cuisines and dishes at affordable rates. It is not a place for nightlife lovers, as there is no activity related to it.

Pantai Kok

Pantai Kok Langkawi Island Malaysia
Yet another serene place for you to stay in Langkawi is Pantai Kok, which is only a 15 minute drive away from the famous Langkawi International Airport. Allow yourself to enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful bay that is encompassed with limestone hills and lush green forests. The beaches stretch too far off distances and are very well-maintained with sparkling blue water and powder-fine sands.

The Telega Tujuh Waterfalls and Mat Cincang Mountain are some of the places of attractions that are worth noticing. Also, you must not forget to take your kids for a ride in the Langkawi Cable Car, because it is bound to be an experience of a lifetime. The Telaga Harbour Park hosts an amazing Langkawi nightlife and dining opportunities along with a series of shops and bars for you to choose from.

Pros and Cons

The nature lovers will absolutely fall in love with the pristine forest life and fantastic beaches of Pantai Kok. The rich diversity of restaurants and bars offer food at a very good price, so you will be much satisfied. Also, you would not have to travel at far distances for sightseeing, as the attractions are located at short distances. The only problem is that Pantai Kok is a bit far from most districts of Langkawi, therefore, many people rule out the option of staying here.

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These are some of the recommended and best areas to stay in Langkawi. Take note that there are resorts available in all price ranges, so you can plan accordingly with respect to your budget. If you want to recommend a best area to stay in Langkawi, please do so by adding comments below.

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