Vivanta by Taj Langkawi Rebak Island – Your Private Island

Vivanta by TAQ Langkawi Island Malaysia

Vivanta by Taj Langkawi in Rebak Island is an extremely attractive spot that is almost popular of being an isolated island enormously discovered. It is a spacious land possessing a capacity of approximately 390 acres, situated at Andaman Sea covering the island with dense greenery all around. Tourists mostly visiting this island are incessantly being mesmerized with its natural beauty. Tourists enjoy the beaches of Vivanta Rebak Island in Langkawi due to crystal clear deep blue water of the Andaman Sea. It is the only resort built at this beautiful vivacious destination.

Vivanta by Taj Langkawi

Vivanta by Taj Langkawi also sketches a dreamy view in a sense that the atmosphere temperature is all the time moderate with astonishing creations of rocky lush green surface, i.e. dated back two hundred million years surrounds profoundly the whole island seeming an artistic view. Due to its hidden natural beauty the resort keeps entertaining the tourists through its water sports and further mental and physical health facilities that further relax mind and body.

The resort was certainly being built to attract plenty of tourists and local visitors as well just after the discovery of the stunning island of Langkawi and its name was created as Vivanta Rebak, which was originated from the myriad trees found in such an island and those trees were known as Rebak. It generally takes around 20 minutes only to reach port Cenang from the Langkawi International Airport and then you can grab the speed boat that will usually take you to this resort in just seven minutes. The resort then welcomes their tourists with its distinctive facility by offering a yacht service that primarily enables a profound attraction from all over the world.

In Vivanta by Taj Langkawi visitors are, thus influenced to enjoy their resort trip in luxury rooms of their choice with a romantic dining facility being cornered for them, with specially designed motifs that seemingly enhances the view of a sea shore delight. The perfect ambiance makes it one of the best romantic resort in Langkawi. The resort management mostly keeps on bringing innovative changes to the resort by renovating its room’s décor, nouvelle restaurant, its grill stations, bars at the poolside and physical fitness centers. Therefore, the rooms and suites at this resort are 94 in numbers being created with Malaysian traditional values.

View Vivanta by Taj Resort Langkawi Malaysia

Whenever you get a chance of visiting Vivanta Rebak Island Langkawi, then you may certainly feel your inner self dwelling in a paradise like environment, where people are deeply gaining relaxation through a distinctive natural as well as peaceful atmosphere. For instance, it has been observed that the birds are chirping around in a continuous musical tone that enables the sea shore waves to keep on dancing in a fragrance of indifferent flowers found everywhere because of dense forest view surrounding the sea shore.

There are a variety of special meals being prepared specifically with a Malay and Indian touch of taste and in the starters you are being offered a special herbal drink for freshening up your soul, which is purely made from a special herb; only found in this island at large. The chefs at the resort are well-trained and expert in preparing some exotic and scrumptious meals for the guests. You can have a perfect vacation plan of Rebak Island at the Vivanta by Taj resort, which has been exclusively designed for pleasure and peace seekers.

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